Nobody is born with a perfect set of beliefs or ideals. We may be born with a “silver spoon” but ideologies,faith and principles are something we acquire through experiences we come across in life. I was born like any other child that comes out of its mother’s womb -dirty,wet and crying ! I never planned what I was going to follow so religiously in my life. You guessed it right, I was never a ‘born’ feminist. Believe me, I’m amazed by the people who condemn and criticize this lot of people. Either they confuse us for ‘lesbians’ or some hard-core activists shouting anti-male slogans, in thirst of male blood and wanting to rip off every male head they could find !

You got it all wrong dude ! Go consult your dictionaries if you have any doubts regarding the literal meaning. The Oxford Dictionary states “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” as the meaning of feminism. This word has been misunderstood all the time.
I got to discover that I am a feminist by the way I was raised up-never compared to anyone and like a normal child. I was never encouraged being ‘girly’ or a ‘princess’ and made to do every work my parents thought I was capable of doing either physically or intellectually. So later in life when I noticed certain things attracted to certain genders, it bewildered me. I saw situations in people’s life where women were not given the basic respect they deserve as a ‘human’, forget their womanhood, moved me.

Slowly and gradually, I noticed this streak which eventually flourished completely in me with time.

Feminism is not a movement to raise women in front (we already are the finest creation of God !) but the effort and will to equalise both sexes in every field. There are many parts in our country where women are still considered the weaker section of the society, a machine to produce offsprings and a cook. Of course we are life givers and nourisher but that doesn’t make us less of a person when it comes to materialistic contribution to any field. There are so many cases nationwide of domestic violence, female feticide, dowry-related suicides and gender discrimination. There are numerous instances of gender-based pay discriminations and a notion that women cannot do certain tasks. Feminism is the motion that stands against ”this” mentality. As said very beautifully by Jane Galvin Lewis

You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.

A feminist won’t be against a Man to prove herself but will advocate the hand in hand walk, a symbiotic relationship in life with the ‘darker’ sex. We live in a society where if a man is oppressed, it’s a Tragedy but when a Woman is oppressed, it’s a Tradition.

Feminism is an effort to break this cliché and raise above the discriminative norms that have been prevalent for so long. Not only against these social radical norms but feminism is something we owe to ourselves as an entity ! Being a female we have certain rights ourselves not as a mercy but as a basic necessity just like water and oxygen. Feminism is breathing the fresh air. Feminism doesn’t mean being pretty and beautiful. We don’t owe beauty or prettiness to anyone. We do not owe it to our mother, our boyfriend, our husband, brother, father or our best friend. Prettiness is not a rent we pay for occupying a space called “female”. We don’t need to be beautiful for anyone but ourselves.

A feminist believes in this idea and we also have the right to be a “noun” and not just an adjective oriented entity. We can look raw and ‘not-so-pretty’ and still flaunt it with all glory because we do not dress up or objectify ourselves for anyone. For anyone who thinks of feminism as something other than this should consult a feminist or me for that matter ! At this point, I’m reminded of something Emma Watson said as a UN ambassador-

It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals

That completely explains the entire concept of Feminism.
I’ve often come across people who think of feminists as some social activists with some radical ideologies, who come to streets whenever a Man does anything wrong to her species. Let me tell you, a female taxi driver is a feminist in her own way as she is breaking the cliché that only men can be taxi drivers. To be a feminist you don’t need to go breaking records,or land on the moon or win a medal at the Olympics (if you can, All the very Best !) but if you follow your heart and don’t get deterred by what people have to say about it you’re already in the club !

Feminism is not only the belief in equality but also the will to not let your ‘gender’ define who you are, what you want to be, what you want to achieve and what can you do ! Let not gender be the reason why we are oppressed. Make it a fair competition. Give us a fair chance and see what miracles we can do. Because

We cannot succeed when Half of us are held back” -Malala Yusufzai.

“Feminist” is not a dirty word, not even close to it. It is an attempt, a discussion, a conversation and a will to attain equality between the sexes. It doesn’t mean you have to hate men. It doesn’t mean you have to even hate girls with pretty legs or beautiful face. It’s just a feeling of free existence to practice being a complete human being without thinking even once about your gender before doing it !
So just remember

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I have to say to the world. I run my world
– Beyoncé

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