Apart from their literary excellence, one thing that Bengalis are also known for is that “they are big time foodies”. They simply love to hog whatever comes their way and if it street food, don’t even dream of beating them. They take pride in their phuchkas (Bengal’s version of panipuri), egg and chicken rolls, chowmein, jhalmuris (bhel) to name a few. But as far as Delhi is concerned, they have their own list of tasty yet exclusive street foods. Let’s have a look at five most common, delectable ready-to-eat food that is found in every nook and corner of Delhi

Roasted Shakarkandi

This tangy yet sweet preparation of sweet potatoes will give your taste buds real pleasure. While the taste of lemon in it makes you squint, it also produces vitamin A & C in your body.


Bread Pakora

The bread pakoras with stuffed potato can easily be given the status that Mumbai’s Vada Pav enjoys. Be it breakfast, lunch or evening time, this is one of the cheapest foods that is quite filling.



Every locality in Delhi surely has their local momo joints, something which is completely unusual in Bengal. This extremely lip smacking preparation will make you revisit them time and again.



This spicy North Indian snack will surely tempt you. Aloo is every bong’s favorite and thus, you will have a great time eating the hot and crisp tikkis.



Well, they are nowhere close to the “Phuchkas” that Bongs are crazy about, and hence here in the list. Although the look is the same, the “pani” is made out of pudina and not tamarind, something that sets the phuchkas apart from any of its kinds.


Every place has its own uniqueness and it is mostly reflected in their food. The beauty lies in acceptance and appreciation of the same. As long as it is tasty and healthy (a misnomer for street foods though), all that matters to the Bongs, is the demand-supply gap.


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