Remember the last time you planned of doing something big with your life? Now remember the last time you actually did something big in life? Can you feel the difference? The same goes for the article you are reading. I was planning to write this for a long time but it was always hung onto my “To-do list”. Now that it is published, it definitely adds some value to the system.

And this is where lies the problem. Our recent obsession with productivity hacks on how to maintain To-Do lists has made us forget one crucial point.

Done-Lists are more important than To-Do List

It’s basically a way of visualizing things that you have already done rather than counting your hopes on things that you still need to do. Of course, To-Do list has its own importance of giving us guidelines and directions to where we are headed to, Done list does a better job by keeping us motivated by showing us our capabilities.

Here are some reasons why you should focus more on “Done-List” rather than “To-Do List”.

“Done-List” inspires, To-Do list creates anxiety!

Take a look at your To-Do list and think about how does it make you feel?

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Hesitant? Scared?

This, in short, is a list of things you haven’t done yet, have avoided doing, or simply put are scared to.

Now, take a look at your Done List and think about how does it make you feel?

Do you feel motivated? Energized? fueled up with confidence?

This is the difference. A Done-List has the power to fuel you up even in the roughest times. And it works like wonder if you are feeling low. Just think about the things you have accomplished till now and it would help you feel secure and motivated about the future.

Done-List matters, To-Do list doesn’t!

Let’s get a bit realistic here. The only things that matter in life are the things that you do.

When you add things to your “To-Do list”, you are just adding things to procrastinate or fooling yourself into thinking you are ever going to do it.

This could be anything. Be it World travel, starting your own business, or asking out your crush. The moment you categorize it as “To-Do list”, you are just finding an excuse to not do those things.

It’s easy for To Do Lists to become traps— distractions and hiding places we use to convince ourselves we’re doing more than we are.

done list

A Done List is different.

When you add something to a “Done list”, you are adding a thing that you have actually done, something that you have accomplished with your true effort.

It’s more powerful and meaningful because your actions speak louder than your intentions. In the end, the only things that matter are the things you have done.

If you have never ever created a “Done-list”, go ahead, make yourself one and feel positive about yourself. This is the thing you need right now. To motivate yourself, to inspire yourself and to guide yourself into becoming bigger and better.

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