Life has really been challenging for me. No matter how hard I try, I never get the result I expect or deserve. It just doesn’t get better.

Did it sound familiar? It could be your friend, a relative or even yourself. And our dissatisfaction from life is quite obvious. We expect too much from life and when we don’t get what we expected, we term it as unbiased.

Does that mean life is actually unbiased?

It’s not. The problem is that we think life is hard. We overthink everything and we want to know the outcome of everything before we even start. We want to know the outcome of everything we are doing and that ruins the present for you. We are so much occupied in the future that we forget to enjoy the current moment. This is where the problem starts. The truth is that life is extremely simple if dealt in the right way. The problems are the imaginary cages we have built around ourselves and we are too scared to cross them.

The secret to living a happy life lies outside the cage. All of us fantasize the kind of life we would love to have but are too scared to live. That is the life outside the cage. Most of our life is spent gazing at that glamor outside the cage wishing we could be there.

You know what? You can be there. The prison you have built around yourself is only imaginary and you can get out anytime without any sufferings. The following principles are key to following your own path and living the life you have always dreamt of:

Start listening to yourself:

This is one thing that needs to be done at earliest. Start listening to yourself. Why? Because you don’t. You listen to your friends, your parents or even that random guy who said you are not worthy. Stop that. They are not in charge of your life and them for sure can not dictate how to live your life. And there is no way you can stop them from saying. You can stop listening to them though and start listening to yourself more often. Because only you can tell what you want from life. Develop a clear image of what you want and what you need and your job is already half done. Once you know where to go, all you have to do is steer your life.

Stop resisting:

We all know what your dreams mean to you. It’s something you have been mad about for so much time and are you ready to put in some effort? Hell Yeah, you would be. The cost of a beautiful dream wouldn’t be much but there would be obstacles in the way for sure. But you are not going to be scared, you are not going to resist and you are not going to run away from it. Because after every dark storm is a bright sunshine. All you need to do is set a clear view of the horizon which still lies unprecedented and glamorous. You have to reach there.So buckle up and fight all the odds to be there.

Trust the journey:

This is the part where your attitude makes all the difference. You have a dream and you need to pursue it. And there are two ways to do it. You can either be worried about all the struggles in between or you can cross the storm with a broad smile on your face. Logic dictates everyone would love to choose the second path but reality is somewhat different. We tend to get worried when we don’t see the result in a quick span, and we tend to get impatient about it. Does that solve anything? Nothing at all. Trust the process and moreover, trust yourself. You will be there. You just need to believe yourself and that would be more joyous than you had dreamt it to be.

Forget about all the imaginary obstacles you have built in your head and you would know what happiness feels like. That would be the moment where you can sense freedom and this would be the point where you would begin to appreciate every small detail in your life.

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