80% Of the Engineering graduates in India are unemployable says the national employability survey.

Well, that’s something to talk about. Not only engineering, but in many fields we find that the graduates are incompetent and lack knowledge in their own field. Who is to blame? Can we blame the teachers? Students? Institutions? Or is it due to lack of facilities in the education?

These days it is not important if a person has been through college (that’s ordinary) rather it is important if the college has gone through him. Instead of blaming the system, it is time for us students to ask ourselves, Am I good enough? Have I learnt enough? How can I get better?

Let’s do a small exercise. Take a pen and paper. Now, write down 5 skills that you think are really impressive about you. But remember one rule, you cannot write down your qualities (like I’m really kind, I always remember my girlfriend’s birthday etc) but only your skills (like I’m really a good singer, I am a state level chess player etc). Lets be brutally honest with ourselves. Do we actually possess any valuable skills?

This self-introspection exercise will give you an idea about where you stand. Later you can assess your list by seeing if your skills are of any value to your employer. Because your employer only cares about what use you could be to him. Maybe it’s your good English and communicating skills, maybe it’s your pretty smile, six pack abs, your prize in gully cricket, national thumb wrestling competition (just kidding)

So, the point is you need to learn and develop skills that people can use. You need to be USEFUL. You need to make people WANT you. You want people to DESIRE you. You want to be IRREPLACEABLE. The more useful you are to others, more value you get. This is the reason why Doctors are respected more than Radio jockeys.

We are not stones, animals, trees that come into the world, survive and die. We are humans, we need to make a mark upon this world,we desire respect in the society. To achieve respect, you need to be good at your professional skills and soft skills. For that my friend, you have to work harder and harder and know things that others don’t. To know things that other’s don’t you have to work when others are sleeping.

We get so involved in the rat race of competition in grades, marks , percentage, results, admissions, blah blah, there’s hardly any time for us to know, learn, understand and develop practical skills. Let’s not forget to develop them and put an extra effort in learning.


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