As soon as the term ‘Girls’ College’ pops up in your head a number of tabs and pop-up blocker get activated, leaving you in a dilemma whether to open the programme or not. We also have tried to find out what’s the big fuss about Girl’s Colleges


Expectation: FEMALES ONLY

Reality: It’s a Girl’s College and not “Shravana”, the sacred forest of Parvati, where whosoever enters turn into a female. Girl’s College does hire male staff members.



Reality: People usually consider girls studying in Girl’s Colleges to be anti-relationship and single. But taking a girl to be single just because she studies in Girl’s College will be equivalent to thinking Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows you as you follow him on twitter. Irrelevant?



Reality: People have this misconception that girls studying in Girl’s Colleges crave for attention, as there aren’t any boys to pamper them. If you also think alike, you probably should visit a Girl’s College once.
And remember use public transport, you won’t find any parking space around the campus.

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Expectation: SHY

Reality: As there aren’t any guys around, girls do not have to use sign language or code language to convey “secret” thoughts. Hence they are bold and loud, and will not shy away from saying things right in your face.


Expectation: TREND SETTER

Reality: Girls here can take the risk of looking weird, ugly or different.  They experiment with their looks and make-up; they try new things and set new trends.
It’s also a common thought that girls here give more importance to fashion. This again is not true. Girls Colleges do not run the “India’s Next Top Model” hunt, it’s just the girls here get the liberty to experiment without being the subject of a bully.



Reality: Girls are famous for their gossiping and bitching, and a place which is full of girls is assumed to be the centre of these evils. But this is not the truth. Girls here spend so much time together and develop such a strong bond that no time is invested on these petty issues.


Expectation: BORING

Reality: People have often advised  me  ‘if you want to make career take admission  in  a Girl’s college, and if you want to have fun do not  join one’. This is one big misconception. Girls here do not just study, study and study. One needs friends to be happy and to have fun no matter they are girls or guys. And girls here  certainly know how to have fun on their own.


Expectation: GANG WARS

Reality: Girls are known for their cold war’s; “not-talking-to-each-other”, playing mental tricks but in girls college you can witness gang wars and catfights.  A Girl’s College can rip the “delicate” stereotypical “ouch” image of girls into pieces and force you to think hundred times before taking a girl to be weaker gender  :p


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