What do you think happens in a girls hostel? Thanks to Bollywood, you would not be running out of ideas as of now. Hold on it, though!

We might as well have come across numerous myths about what goes around in the girl’s hostel and for all you guys out there, trust us, the girls know how much you fantasise about making it to this hostel in your wildest of dreams.

Here are a few girls hostel myths I would like to share with you even think about them again..

Myth 1: It’s all about Beauty without brains!

Reality: For all of you who stereotype girls as the hot chicks with just the heart for blinks and flashes, there’s more to it. With you buzz heads coding day and night and playing counterstrike, many of us girl nerd heads as you may call them if you see them at hostels, will freak you out in real case studies minus their pretty dabbed faces.

Myth 2: Hidden cameras everywhere!

Reality: For you perverts picturing bikini bodies getting ready for classes, having had wished for the tiniest of chances of being able to view them on your screen, having hacked the server room’s security pass. Hard luck.

Myth 3: Ghosts walking past the corridors:

Reality: For the ones who are too superstitious to walk around the hostel without a holy cross in their hands, no such ghost of the girl who committed suicide years ago walks past corridors and reaches out for the girls walking alone.

Myth 4: No time out for girls:

Reality: For the ones having imagined a strict warden to put out the lights early. Girls are fortunate enough to decide for themselves, what time they are supposed to sleep. Thank goodness for the secret night out planned and the pyjama parties.

Myth 5: Better mess food than boys hostel?

Reality: Aah! How you wished you could taste the delicacies being served at the girl’s hostels. It’s the same as that being served to you in your hostel. No mouth-watering recipes on the menu. So when you see the oil dripping from the puri and kachauri being served, salute the girls for having maintained a body just perfect for you to swoon over.

Myth 6: Boys finding a way to meet their girlfriends:

Reality: If you think you can tell your cuddle partner to sneak away for the night, remember that there’s a lot more security than you think for an easy escape to be planned. You better plan a day out instead or else you need to be a mastermind if you want to somehow win over that guard on duty on that special night.

Myth 7: Every girl has a magic wardrobe: Beg, borrow or steal!

Reality: Beg, borrow or steal! Well, that’s an agenda of a girl when she plans to step out of the hostel to win over hearts and turn heads around. Don’t misinterpret it. It’s just that girls get too close to their buddies for a simple exchange of clothes. So if once you saw one girl wearing a dress, you had already seen another one of her friends wear some other night, compliment her for how she carries herself. Don’t dare compare.

Myth 8: Pyjama Parties and Pillow fight!

Reality: Definitely the worst of them all. And Bollywood has to be blamed single-handedly for this. Let’s get this clear for once and for all. We do not have pyjama parties and pillow fights every night. Yeah, We gossip a lot in our pyjamas and we for sure, throw pillows, but that’s just for fun. We don’t have a pillow fight: GET THAT CLEAR!

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