Google first started with a search engine, established the market. With passing time, it also brought revolutionary concepts of Google Glass and self-driven cars. Now, Google wants to do something new. It wants to suck your blood and in a way which you won’t mind.

The proposed system is gas based and instead of using the traditional needle to draw blood, it will suck the blood into a very small barrel. The patent, which is still pending, suggests the device may be used for testing blood sugar levels and will be able to take blood automatically or manually.





The prototype by Google shows a small cylindrical device being used on a person’s fingertip or as a wrist-worn device, possibly another Android future wear. This device would work by sending an “abrupt surge” of gas into a barrel that houses a microparticle, which pierces the skin.

When the skin has been broken, Google says: “A resulting micro-emergence of blood can be drawn into the negative pressure barrel.”

 Google hasn’t yet specified what  medical application the needle-free process may be used for, but it could be useful in checking the sugar level for diabetic patients. “Such an application might be used to draw a small amount of blood, for example, for a glucose test,” the patent reads.  Only the patent has been filed till now and hence there is no certainty on when it will come to the market.

The Google’s Life Sciences team, working as part of the recently created parent company Alphabet, has already developed a number of items designed to help diabetics. In 2014 the lab unveiled smart contact lenses that include circuitry to monitor glucose levels.

Once the patent is successfully accepted, Google could start working on the prototype and we could have a better way to take our blood. Gone will be the days when it used to be a hassle and painful.

Source: Wired


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