Halloween is literally around the corner, with only one day left for all your costume preparations to be complete!

On that occasion, I wanna take up one of the Halloween classics: The Vampire!

There is something disturbingly familiar in seeing a kid dressed as Count Dracula asking for treats on Halloween. Kids of all ages will be seen impersonating all types of vampires (the sparkly ones too). Why wouldn’t they? One of the all time Halloween favorites, Vampires have always been popular with all the little pretenders. Little do we know, how troublesome it is to actually be one!

Here’s why:

  • No garlic bread

    Bye bye you Italian delicacy


  • It’s always freezing cold
    What if you’re a cold sensitive vampire?


  • Missing out on all the church architecture

    A vampire's best friend!

    A vampire’s best friend!

    Or a fan of church architecture?

  • Can’t get tanned
    'Please Pass the Moon Tan Lotion.'
    It’s a strict no no for that healthy doze of sunshine and beach fun. On second thoughts…


  • Technically, can’t date anyone but a vampire
    We all know what’s gonna be the end result: some broken bones, a punctured neck and no second date!


  • Very few role models
    Okay, let’s count.. Dracula.


  • Lack of options in favorite animals
    They’re a severe victim of stereotypes I tell you
  • Defamed by a certain series
    Something tells me they got some ‘cullen’ to do!


  • Dentists are a pain in the a**
    "Well, Count, they look good for another five-hundred years."
    He always makes me floss my fangs!


  • You never really know how old the fellow vampire is
    That hot girl at the blood bar, she might just be 200 years older than your eternity!


  • No silver jewelry
    Too bad you can’t get that brooch you liked so much at the store


As you can see, it literally sucks to be a vampire!

What is your favorite Halloween classic costume? Let us know in the comments below!

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