It’s almost that time of the year when we are all geared up to reach our holidays homes and unwind the entire pressure of the year. It is also that time we all make plans to welcome a new year in our lives.

But, what we forget the most is to make certain changes in our lives that will make us better than what we have been last year. In that very note, I like to word this article.

Yes, many of us try to make resolutions and to give up those bad habits or pick a new one that will be positive in the days to come. But, we forget to give them same attention to our (Internet Networking) or social media.

Hmm, buzzing what I’m talking about. It’s very simple.

When was the last time you changed your password for the various accounts you have over a million platforms or do you use the same one for all? If so, it’s best, you came up with something new for the next year.

So, why is it necessary to update the password or have a new one?

Well, passwords are sucked in by various marketing tools and hackers every time you log in. And with all of us having busy secludes in our lives log in through various devices often forgetting to log out or see if those systems were hacked. Leaving rise to hackers keeping a track of what you do and also the pins you use to connect.

So, it is a necessity to get new passwords every 6 months and tighten up your data which is now more than the wealth you own at your lockers. And it is best you have at least 3 different passwords that are complicated and yet you remember for your various accounts.

It would also be great that you log out of your own devices and connect once in 2 months or so just so you remember your passwords and also you know that it connects and that no one has tampered with it.

So during this time you make plans, it is good you sought out an hour or half to come up with strong new passwords for your accounts just to secure and also keep your mind thinking a bit. This will not only make things better for you. But. Bring a new change to the way you use the internet and its security.

And for heaven’s sake don’t use ‘PASSWORD’ has your password that’s totally being lame and records show more than a billion accounts have that has their key to log in.

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