Choosing a right career is more difficult than choosing a correct life partner for yourself. Because there is a chance that marriages are made in heaven, but, unfortunately, careers are not. This is something that if not done correctly and on time can change the course of our lives. While some of us are clear-headed from the beginning on what we want to do, others have a tough time deciding upon it. Whatever career you choose for yourselves, please make sure you follow these guidelines for how not to choose your career.

Do not choose a career, choose a passion!

Choose a career you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. There is no denying that. When you love your job, you tend to give your 100%. This not only makes you successful but also keeps you motivated to grow in your career. You get poor results when you do something half-heartedly. Gradually, your motivation and enthusiasm will run out with time and you will likely to fail. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Do not choose based on what is trending!

Choosing a career in India is like Google Trends. Engineer, doctor, lawyer are the most trending careers in India. Since we live in an orthodox country, there is a hierarchy even in terms of careers. This doesn’t mean other careers are less deserving or respectable. There are a plethora of career options out there. No job is big or small. If you respect your job, people will automatically respect you.


Do not follow your peers!

Just because your friend is taking admission in an engineering college or getting an MBA degree, that doesn’t mean you will follow him too. How can you have the same career when you can’t have the same girl? Think about it. Your friend has different plans for his life, and you should have them too. Find a soulmate for yourself. And by soulmate, I mean a career.

Do not listen to your parents or relatives!

‘Engineering le lo beta, bahut scope hai’ is something we all must have heard from elders. Thanks, but no thanks. While parents just want to shove their dreams on us, relatives are the source of unwanted advice. Please do not fall into their prey. If you have a doubt about how to choose your career, check with a certified career counsellor. He will guide you better but the ultimate decision is yours.

Do not drop a career option just because you are a boy/girl!

Who says mechanical engineering in not for girls or fashion designing is unfit for boys? Don’t ever let people dictate careers on the basis of a gender. Careers are gender neutral. We are in god damn 21st century, the century of breaking stereotypes. If you think you want it, just go for it.

I know it can be tricky and when yo have to choose your career. But with right guidance and thought process, you can take a correct decision for yourself. Even if you think things aren’t working out well for you, explore other options. But please don’t lose hope.

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