In 1881, famous inventor Nikola Tesla had fallen seriously ill on a trip to Budapest. There, a college friend, Anthony Szigeti, took him on walks to help him recover. As they were watching the sunset on one of these walks, Tesla suddenly had an insight about rotating magnetic fields — which would in turn lead to the development of modern day’s alternating current electrical mechanism.

We all clearly know how Tesla was a creative genius and he revolutionized the world with his amazing discoveries and theories. What we don’t know is that he was just another human like us who had his uncreative times. Wouldn’t you recall thinking about the most brilliant ideas on complete off tasks be it walking, playing or even taking a poop?

He was no different. His inventions were not made with a forced state of mind.  And that’s what every inventor, scientist or an artist will tell you. Every intelligent thought is a result of randomness, that makes our mind wander. This is the reason that companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook have made “disconnected time” or “nothingness” a key aspect of their workplaces.

In simple words, being creative is not about doing a set of things and automatically reaching there. It’s about letting yourself free. If you feel confused about how to do that, these steps may help:

Eliminate the fear of missing out!

In this age of connectivity, we know almost everything about everyone. The advantages of this are many, but there is one aspect which troubles many: The fear of missing out. Looking at Instagram profiles and Facebook photos, we all feel at some point in time, “I wish I was like them“. This, in turn, creates a sense of resentment in our mind and this is the point where our creativity goes in for a toss. The best out to nurture creativity is to eliminate this fear.

And now you are thinking, “It’s always easier said that done“. I would agree with this statement but there is one thing you would want to agree to as well. Every human is different and so are their lives. No one is perfect and there are good and bad bits of everything. What you usually see are the good bits and you immediately want your soul to be transferred to theirs and thus living an amazing life. But you didn’t think about the bad bits, did you? Once you start living their life, you would face unimaginable problems you never signed up for.

The moral of the story stands tall.

You are not missing out on anything. Your life is as competent as you want it to be.

This is where creativity is born. Not thinking about others but only about yourself. When you have enough liberty in your brain to know about yourself, creativity will automatically stem in. Here are some ways to awaken your creative soul:

Be open to everything!

An inventor, an artist or a scientist has one thing in common: they are always open to new ideas. This is where creativity stems from.Only when you have an idea, you can think of a thousand more. It sounds very simple, doesn’t it?

It’s not. Most of us actually fail to implement this in our lives. We are so much bound by our ideas and beliefs that we feel insecure of someone breaking the shell. The sad part is that creativity always lies outside that shell. Only when you crawl out of the shell you have built around you with your beliefs, creativity with come to you. When you are open to various beliefs and ideas, you have the choice to select whichever suits you the best. Let’s not lock ourselves in a shell imagining the entire world inside it. Only when you get out of it, you would know the possibilities that lie outside.

The art of nothingness!

This is one of my favorite points. Very often we relate creativity to hard work. But it’s actually completely opposite to it. Some of the biggest artworks and inventions have come at a time when their creators were lost in the sea of nothingness. And it works like wonder. Very often, when we are working too hard on an idea, we restrict ourselves with a single line of things and this is where creativity is left behind. At times like these, let your mind free, let your mind wander. Do nothing for few moments, let it free from every thought of yours. Once you do that, your mind is open to many possibilities and that’s when the magical idea originates. Feel free to do it in any way you wish to, listening to your favorite song, going for a walk or dancing, whatever works for you.



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