Do you ever enjoy being in pain, anguish, desperation, awkwardness or fear?

I don’t and I am sure you wouldn’t either. No one of us would like to live the moment of fear or anguish and we all hold a common ground on it. If that’s the case, why do we spend most of our lives fighting these emotions?

Of course, we have evolved to develop these feelings and none of them can be avoided, you cannot just stop being human. But what if there was a way we could let these emotions not control us and our judgment? Wouldn’t that be a beautiful and satisfying way to live?

To deal with negative emotions, the most basic thing is understanding they mean no harm. These emotions are not negative, they are merely “intuitive”.

Acceptance is important!

If you recognize as a person who is chasing their passion and the things they love, you would know much more about these emotions than anyone else. And the only way to steer through this river of emotion is by accepting you are in one. A lot of people struggle in their lives because they choose to live in denial, they choose to believe that fear and anguish cannot affect them and when it does, it strikes real bad.

Most of the problems associated with it can be solved if you just choose to address the emotion as they are. Yes, It’s okay to fear something. Yes, It’s okay to feel weak and in pain. Don’t let your ego convince otherwise. Assume a scenario where you are walking in a dense forest with the danger of wild animals hunting you down. In this case, if you choose to ignore all of your instincts, and just go with the flow, the chances of you getting killed would be very high. What would you do in a situation like this? Accept it’s a dangerous place to be in, and take every step with caution. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee anything but your chances of getting out safely are much higher.

It’s the same with following your passion. You would have many hindrances in the way and a roller coaster of emotions might follow too. But if you choose to step in carefully, the road might not look too long.

Be decisive!

This is another important thing to focus at.

Have you ever tried to balance yourself on two boats at the same time? And even if you attempt it, I am sure you would be scared, nervous the entire time. It sounds crazy, right? Who does that?

It sounds even crazier when you decide to do the same with your passion and work. Most often, we feel a turmoil of emotions hitting us when we are not confident and sure of what we are doing. It could be you being in a relationship half-heartedly, doing the job which doesn’t interest you or stuck in a course, not of your interest. When you are stuck in a situation like this, of course, you would feel bad about yourself and would want to give up everything.

What to do at times like these?

There are a couple of things you can do here. The first can be implemented before making a decision and second after it.

When you are about to take a decision, never think in terms of money, fame or power. Don’t follow your passion for any of these. Just ask yourself one simple question, “Would I be happy doing this no matter how bad the circumstances are?” If your answer is Yes, you are set to go. Everything else including money, fame, and power would come eventually but focusing on it would make the journey hard for you.

If your answer is a No, and you are confused about following that path, follow it anyway. Because it’s okay to feel confused and lost at the start. It’s okay to not know where you are going. As long as you are doing it right, and enjoying every moment of it, nothing else matters.

When you have already made a decision, and you feel stuck in it, ask yourself, “Which part of this journey is haunting me?” And if it’s something you don’t love, don’t do it. Make a decision to stick by it and walk along.

If you don’t like this path just because it’s boring, are giving your 100% on it? Because, most of the times, we hate things we cannot understand. If you feel the same, try to understand what you are doing. If you have taken a course in Arts, and are unable to focus on it, try to understand what art means without focusing on the end result, marks, job, and career. When you begin to focus on enjoying it, everything else will follow.

The core of it stands intact, you can never get rid of negative emotions but you can surely embrace it and use it to your advantage.




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