“No, you can’t do it! You are a loser”, said the bad guy inside your head. But It’s always dependent on you if you should ignore him or give him cosy space to grow.

We all know that “bad guy” inside our head that exactly knows how to screw with you and make yourself feel miserable. You know it is always there either dormant or dominating waiting for its turn. And this is the voice that causes failure. This is the only reason behind thousands of failed startups, unfinished novels and unsuccessful careers.

Dealing with that jerk who is always with you and has an infinite capability of messing with you is tough, but if you learn how to control it, your chance of accomplishing anything increases multi-fold.

Every small bit matters!

The “bad guy” inside your head constantly tells you about how your life sucks, your job sucks and basically, everything that you do sucks.

And this is exactly what you need not hear. We always worry about being happy so much that we end up missing our happiness altogether. Stop waiting for that magical moment of pure bliss to be happy and start enjoying every little bit of your life. It’s being curled under the blankets with a good book at 3 A.M. It’s that feeling you get when you have laughed so hard that your stomach hurts. The “bad guy” doesn’t have time to focus on these. By controlling every simple moment of your lives, you actually pave the way for a happy life.

Focus on your wins and not the losses!

The “bad guy” inside your head doesn’t want you to focus on your wins. It only tells you about your losses which are literally handful and makes you forgets about your countless wins.

This is one habit you need to cultivate to make sure the “bad guy” never gets to speak again. You can do this by celebrating every victory of yours be it small or huge. You have reached 100 followers on Twitter? Let’s party! You finally completed your assignment? Let’s party hard. These habits will make yourself appreciate even more.


Don’t give that jerk space to breathe!

It’s often said how an empty mind makes the most noise and this is the point where the “bad guy” takes over.You can’t give it the talking stick. You can’t give it room to breathe, to relax and to make itself at home. Let him suffocate and let him die alone. Distracting yourself is the key here. Make yourself busy. Read a book or stick yourself into watching a TV series or go for a long jogging session. Use anything, but get yourself distracted.


Understand that “It doesn’t matter”!

You are totally allowed to suck at things. In fact, everyone does. The person you admire a lot has failed miserably too and that’s what has taken him there. Failures happen to everyone and there lies no point in crying over it. Learn from it and move ahead. The “bad boy” would always want you to focus on your biggest screwups and this is exactly what you don’t need to do. You need to understand that “It doesn’t matter”. Nothing ever does. Did You miss a job opportunity? Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter. There are thousand other companies lined up for you!



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