Some of the biggest problems we face in life are a byproduct of our bad habits. Be it excessive drinking, violence, smoking or even sex, anything done in excess poses threat to your existing routine and takes you to a path far from peace. Anxiety, Health Degradation and Depression follows by and we know we need a change. We exactly know that we need to quit our bad habits.

In fact, We have even tried quitting it for some time but not being able to maintain that. And that’s what makes it a habit. It’s hard to quit. However, with some planned journey and smart work, It’s not impossible either. Since you have already figured out it’s not adding any substantial to your life, Why not try replace these bad habits with some good habits.

Here are some tricks that would help you:

Focus on short term goals:

One of the biggest reasons as to why new year resolutions fail is that they are made in over enthusiasm. Those are long term goals that might seem amazing at first but are not really practical. You should start with short term goals, and focus on something you can authentically commit to. If you want to quit smoking, don’t jump on to quitting it at an instance. Accept how your body works. Try cutting down the number of cigarettes you had in a day, and keep doing that unless you pump out the habit from your system. It’s always better to think practically than enthusiastically.

Bet on yourself:

We have seen quite much in movies where a member of the family has to put a dollar in a glass jar whenever they use a curse word. That works amazingly well but it needs a partner. Have a friend monitor you about it. Everytime you start eating junk food, your friend will take 100 dollars from you. And who doesn’t love money? For the love of it, you would eventually start quitting the habit.

Accept it rather than forcing it on yourself!

Now that’s the most important part. Most of our resolutions fail because we are not really mentally prepared for it.

The  key to a successful habit breaker is accepting what you are doing and why you are doing so.

Fine if you want to smoke, just do it 100%. Don’t do anything else but smoke — and be aware of where the smoke is going — through your respiratory system. Try to notice when the nicotine hits your brain — be aware of what is happening.

When your brain likes something, it releases happy chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. This makes your brain say, “do it again”. And this is what drives your addiction or the bad habit. The cravings that you get is simply the  brain sending you signals for more dopamine release. When you are consciously aware of this situation, you know how to handle it. You know what it does to your body and hence the only way out is to accept it completely.

Don’t focus on outcomes but on the process:

This is another classic mistake we often do while setting up goals. We try to focus more on the final result than just be a part of the journey. Funnily enough, it is applicable for every aspect of life. The journey is often more joyful than the destination. When you keep our eyes focused on the destination without enjoying the journey, it becomes meaningless. The same thing applies here. Don’t try to just lose weight. Work for it. Drink a glass of water or start exercising. The real pleasure and benefit lies in the small things.

Reward yourself:

Because who doesn’t like gifts? Everytime you complete a short term goal, reward yourself and that should be something you really wanted for a long time. That would pump you even more to accomplish the goal and well, you have got a gift too.

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