If you really ask me, there is no way! Absolutely NO WAY.

I’ll share a very small yet funny incident that happened with me recently; I was just going through my messages on Facebook and I suddenly remembered reading about the “Others Folder” and I thought of checking it because I had set my privacy settings to “Strict Filtering”. I had always thought due to these settings, I wouldn’t be getting any “creepy messages” from “creepy online stalkers”! But to my horror I was completely wrong and had around 90+ messages from some stupid online stalkers waiting to be read.

I was shocked as I always thought I was well protected from getting such messages, but I wasn’t and then I started reading each one of them, deleting the messages and blocking those people.
Some of them were quite hilarious, while others were the usual “hi, hellos, please b mah fraaand” type messages.

So, on that very day I realized that one can not, really not save themselves from these creepy online stalkers! Picture no picture you just have to be a girl or even you know keep a fake name and have a fake account, requests and messages shall pour in from every creepy corner of the creepy world of these creepy stalkers.

Even though there is no way to protect yourself, still I’d suggest a few ways in which you ‘might’ be lucky enough to ‘maybe’ save yourselves from such situations.

First is the one I tried, though Facebook specific, but at least would not hamper your peace of mind and though the messages and the stalking won’t totally stop, well it can be controlled to some extent.

Secondly, put a display which is uninteresting or maybe not yours! I know this doesn’t help but no harm trying, isn’t it?

Thirdly, you could just sit back and not do anything or tell us in the comments below how do you plan to/how did you/how have you protected yourself from such creeps.

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