How big are your dreams? Is it completely unattainable? Do you feel you can live the life of your dreams?

If you do, what’s stopping you from converting your reality into dreams? Is the fear or the constant overthinking that’s pulling you backwards?

Do “What-Ifs” trouble you?

What If I fail?

What If I don’t earn enough money?

What If people laugh at me?

What If I never reach my goal?

What If I lose my current status due to this?

What if I can never reach there?

I am sure you must be thinking about these. And it’s perfectly fine to do so. As an intellectually evolved human, you have adapted to analyze every situation before taking the next step. That being said, there is another trait we have acquired with evolution- Fear.┬áThe fear of getting eliminated from the society, the fear of not being able to survive, and the fear of dying due to some unknown illness.

Thinking about it, all those fears justifies itself but are your fears the same? Do you think you need to worry the same way your ancestors used to do? Do you think your reason for being scared is justified? Or is it just an exaggeration due to your overthinking?

If you really want to ask these What Ifs, let them be another set of. Instead of previously asked questions, Consider thinking about these:

What if I succeed?

What If I become extra rich?

What If I become an idol for everyone once I succeed?

What if I finally land my dream job?

What If I get to a position much better than my current one?

What If reach my goal after much-planned work and effort?

These are the questions you actually need to ask. Rather than constantly reminding yourself of what could go wrong, you need to tell yourself what you could gain. It for sure is never that easy but few systematic steps can always help you walk down with perfection.

Know everything about where you want to go!

It always becomes easier to reach your destination when you have a map in your hand. And your life follows the same trend. When you have a goal in your mind, the first thing you should do is to know everything about it and plan ahead. Your chances of success increase when you have a roadmap in your hand. Plan your journey based on the destination. If the road is hard, you may have to toughen up but that’s not stopping you from reaching there. There should just be two things in your mind, the point where you start and the point where you want to end up. Everything in between should be planned and adjusted according to the situation.

Develop a habit of answering yourself!

The biggest reason What-Ifs haunt us because we never face them. We always let the questions trouble us but we are too scared to answer them. Why? Because we are afraid of facing the truth. We feel as if we will be exposed if the reality bites us. Don’t be that person. Be brave to answer your own doubts. Be brave to face the reality. Once you start doing this, there would be no problem big enough to trouble you.

Believe in yourself!

This can also be attributed as the most important part towards tackling these important questions. When you have complete faith in yourself and the path you are in, no amount of insecurity and doubts can pull you down. Focus on your goal and keep walking with confidence and self-belief. There is no enemy trying to stop you other than your negative thoughts. Self-belief would help you solve each of your problems.

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