How far can you go to fulfill your dream?

Think about this for a minute. Focus on it. What is your limit? Can you quit everything you are doing right now to pursue your dream? Can you limit your monetary income to a bare minimum in order to pursue your dream? Can you live your life away from your loved ones in order to see your dream come true?

I am sure these questions go to the extremes and is probably impossible to answer. Your dreams, on the other hand, do not care about it. It for sure doesn’t understand your circumstances or the problems you are facing. For your dreams, there is only nothing important and that’s if you make it there.

We all dream big, don’t we? Some of us aspire to be an actor and for some, being a great leader is what it counts. But how many of us really make it to the end? We all exactly know what to do but it feels impossible for some reason to achieve it.

Do you know what’s the reason for it?

Yes, You know that too. It’s hard to accept some part of the truth but you are always self-aware about it. You know about the thousand obstacles that come in the way and you also know about the fierce competition you are about to face. On literally anything you do, there are at least thousands of people wanting to do the same exact thing. This can be quite frustrating and kills your morale in one go.

If this makes you feel hopeless, there are some ways you can take your dreams seriously:

The reality is not as dismal as it seems!

Most of the competition that we worry about is not hard to surpass simply because all of us are going through the same challenges as you. If the probability of you achieving something is less, the same applies for your competitor as well. This makes you two completely similar at the first step. Anything after this gets easier for you because most of them are going to quit right here. You are not. You are going to fight for it. Once you have crossed this stage, you already are much closer to success compared to most of them.

Start your journey now!

Now that you have already crossed the first hurdle, forget about it. The real game begins now. And in order to make it big from here, you need to forget everything else. Imagine yourself to be an amateur in the game. Start playing for the love of it. This way, there would be no fear of failure haunting you and you could be naturally better at whatever you are doing.

Be serious about your goal!

One of the biggest mistakes we commit while pursuing our goal is taking it lightly. We often tend to try a hand at it while we do our regular course of work. For most of us, seeking a goal is always something you do alongside some regular daytime job which pays you off. Yes, you could have started off with it and even now you are quite comfortable with handling both the things together but there comes a time where you need to make a choice. This choice holds the ability to change your life. You already have come a long way in this journey and now is the right time to make a choice, to be serious about your goal. Yes, this might require some extra effort and moving on from your old business but to make it big, you need to do something different from the whole lot.

Don’t take the mediocre path!

Another big problem of us lies in doing what others have been doing for decades. And this is where we screw up our chances. Most people fail for this reason. They do mediocre things in life and hence it is the most common path.

You should always run towards the path everyone is running away from!

Following the path that has always been traversed is always a safe and immediate idea but that’s not going to take you anywhere. To achieve greatness, you need to set your own standards and make your own path. Instead of following the rules set by an average lot, make your own rules and follow them. If what you are doing sounds crazy to the people around you, you for sure are going the right way. Follow the voice in your head and have a lot of faith in yourself, it’s going to come handy.

Keep walking!

If you have made it so far, you already are in the top 5% as many would have quit as of now. To go even further, you just need to be consistent from now on. Everything good in life comes with a price and it takes a long time to pay that. This is your time to pay. This is your time to keep walking consistently in this direction. And if this is what you love doing, the outcome should not even matter you much. Seek immense pleasure and happiness in the process than being worried the destination.

Walk as if your destination is always on the horizon. Keep smiling while you take every step in that journey.

Yes, there would be times when you feel like quitting and this is when you need to use loads of self-faith you were carrying. And this works completely like the monetary investment you do. If you invest a small amount of money consistently, eventually you would start earning interest over those and its growth becomes exponential. The same holds true for any habit. If you do something long enough, compounding will take effect, momentum will surge, and you’ll begin to experience exponential results.

Keep doing it for love!

Don’t do it for money, success, fame or power, do it for love instead. Because love is the only thing that comes without a price. Everything else has a negative impact but when you do something you have always loved, you no longer care about where is it going to land you. You just do it for the happiness and the excitement it brings along with itself. The same goes for your journey towards your goal. If you have been consistent at your path, you would certainly make it big. And to still be consistent here at this place, you need to keep doing the right things. Be focused on doing it with love and nothing else will ever matter.


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