It has happened to all of us. We see someone walking on the road walking with his earphones on and we are confused about what to do.

Should I greet him or should I not?

Should I smile at him? What if he doesn’t smile back? Wouldn’t I be humiliated?

Should I just keep walking?

And after all these struggles in your head, you opt for the last one. Keep walking like a loser with your heads shoved into the ground.

But what are we talking about anyway? Wasn’t this article supposed to give guidance to talk to someone who is hearing headphones?

Well, there could be many right answers to this question but the top one would always be “DON’T!”.

But you are a rebel, Aren’t you? You wouldn’t take no for an answer.Okay! Let’s try something else then.

Walk towards them with a broadening smile!

A person who is listening to their headphones would be least interested in talking to you. But you are not the person who like to see anyone in peace. So here is the deal.Walk towards them with a broadening smile. If they still don’t notice you, run towards them in the same direction they are walking in. This would surely catch their attention and who doesn’t love attention anyway?

Hug them!

What is missing the most from Earth these days? Not Dinosaurs stupid. It’s love. No one loves anyone these days. And shouldn’t you be helping in that cause? Shit! This post was about headphones. So yeah! Now that you have approached them and they have noticed you clearly. Go hug them. Spread love. This way, you wouldn’t totally look like a creep and no one would ever try to call the police. Trust me, Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

Ask them which song were they listening to!

If you are still there are standing there after a long hug, you probably should ask them which song they were listening to. And taking off the headphone jack from their mobile won’t piss them off at all. And make sure you laugh at their choice of song. Believe me, they won’t kick you in the nuts. This is actually a very confident way of showing your dominance and starting a conversation.

Say “Hi” and run away!

Now that you have managed to engage them in having a conversation with you, go ahead. This is the thing you needed to do right? Make use of the small window of opportunity you have until the police arrive. Just say “Hi” because you can’t say anything more than that (You suck at conversations, remember?) and just run away. Run very fast and disappear into the horizon.

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