Thinking is indeed an essential part of life, it helps us solve the problems we have been forever stuck in, or come up with ideas that can revolutionize the world. On the contrary, Add one more word to it and it becomes a headache and depressing. The word is overthinking and there is no shame in admitting that we all do it. We all tend to overanalyze situations in our head and create problems that weren’t even there in the first place.

This thin line between thinking and overthinking is the one we need to eliminate in the first place. When we talk about overthinking, the natural instinct of ours is to go in a pessimistic phase and overthink how bad we have fared or how bad we do further. If we control our thought process, this problem can forever be solved. But let’s be a bit realistic here. Because we all know quotes like “Living in the present” or “Better done is better done than well said” makes more sense on paper than in real world.

Talking about real life, We all tend to get sad over our past or anxious about future, We all tend to dream high and procrastinate even higher. Quotes like these can surely motivate you but like any engine, it’s efficiency can never be 100%.

Isn’t there any way out?

Yes, there is a solution and most part of it comes with the idea of completely knowing yourself. If you are still confused about how to go with it, here are some ideas worth pondering:

Constantly ask questions:

And I am not necessarily talking about others. Ask yourself questions and let it not be the easy ones. Stop making yourself comfortable with comforting lies. Do you want to overthink? Sure, Do it. But let it not be about what you have done or what you can. Guide your mind to think about yourself and what you really stand for. There is no point of overthinking about things that you cannot change, which primarily involves being upset about the past or being anxious about the future. Once you start guiding your thinking channel towards knowing more about yourself, you can see the magic happening. All we need to know is what we want and what makes us happy. Once it’s accomplished, keep doing it and let the chain move for forever.

Dumb it down for yourself!

Most of the times, We panic over situations, because  we are completely unaware of it. And humanity has forever been known to fear the unknown. However, We are not talking about aliens and time travel. It’s just a minor part of your life that’s scaring you. Try to understand the problem you are facing rather than trying to escape and be scared of it. Dumb it down for yourself. Break every complex information into smaller bits. Try breaking down your disturbing thoughts into smaller parts and deal with them one by one. Try to understand the cause of your problems and solve it in these bits.

Make a habit of accepting rather than running away!

Other than the constant anxiety of our future being spoiled, the past is something that constantly haunts us and keeps us in a constant cycle of overthinking. And most of the times, it’s about something we wished we could have done or something we could have improved. This constant reminder of how we did it wrong is enough to screw up our present and eventually our future and no matter what we say, it’s not easy to overcome it.

But there is a way out. We often regret our past because we still have some hopes if we could change it. And “Hope” turns out to be the culprit here. There are some things you can’t change and the false hope of it can surely destroy us. One way of overcoming this burden is to have a realistic approach to life. Accept what has happened. Did you screw up? That’s totally fine. We all do. And We all get thousand other chances in life as well.

If you keep yourself occupied with the history, you would have no time to make your future.

No matter how bad it has been, accept yourself and more importantly forgive yourself. Why-Why Analysis generally comes handy in situations like these. It basically explains how you can use a simple management technique to change your life.



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