You have faced this a lot, haven’t you? Come on! There is no need to lie about this here. You are ┬átalking to a girl, day in and day out, she drops all the hints that she is interested( At least, you think so!) and then all of a sudden she drops the bomb. “I have a boyfriend”, she says! And you have no idea how to deal with it. You didn’t expect this. You even had decided the name of babies. Don’t you worry though. Guys are optimistic. Let’s be frank, you will do this again and when it happens to you, remember to use these responses. What happens next will blow her mind( Don’t use a pistol for that!)

  1. Don’t be sorry! It’s not his fault.
  2. Well, I have a goldfish… followed by an awkward smile (You are a pro in that)
    i have a boyfriend
  3. Oh me too! Let’s double date sometime.
  4. Are you sure one is enough?
  5. Is he husband material, because girl, I would make an amazing daddy!
  6. Don’t tell me all your problems now. We just met.
  7. How perfect can it be? I am married and have 6 kids.
  8. But, you are an independent girl, right? Is he suppressing you? Does he keep a track on you? I am sure he does!
  9. He can join in too. I love that kind of threesomes.
  10. But, Do you want a better one?
  11. I am sorry. Did you think I was trying to hit at you? I am not that kind of guys.
  12. Did you just say bore friend?
  13. I still like Sasha Grey’s method the most. Seems to make the most sense.
  14. And I have a maths test. Her: “Whaat?” I was just talking about things we can cheat on.
  15. Cool. Can I be your man friend? Men can do things better.
  16. It’s okay. I am not the jealous type.
  17. That’ cool. He can cook dinner for us while I do you on his sofa.
  18. I am sorry that it’s 2016 and you still need to rely on male presence to turn away other men.
  19. Not anymore. I killed him. Please, don’t be mad.

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