The 42nd amendment of the constitution states:

In the Preamble to the Constitution,-


(b)  for  the  words  “unity   of the Nation”,  the  words  “unity  and
the integrity of the Nation” shall be substituted.

This bill was published on November 4, 1976, around 30 years after Independence but why? During this time of emergency in 1975, Congress wasn’t the only party in the political scene. There was Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Muslim League, Christian organizations, Sikh groups, Parsi groups, Ambedkar’s groups, Dravida Pride groups and Tribal leaders along with Maharajas, Nawabs, Communist parties as well as Military groups.

It would have definitely created a riot if the constitution was made favoring any one party or religion. The only thing that could have solved the problem of clash of muti-diversity in India was secularism and no matter what you say or what you think, it has done wonders for India by avoiding so many wars and controversies between various religions and groups. Imagine a scenario where your rights are suppressed and you do not get equal opportunities just because you are defined as a minority by the constitution. Can’t imagine that? Consider this! You are a Hindu based in Pakstan or Afghanistan or any Islamic country in particular! Would you be happy about it?

You definitely wouldn’t. You might even go on to say that India has always been a Hindu country and we Hindus deserve at par treatment with everyone else living here. You are totally right! India has been a country of Hinduism but today it isn’t. We have many other religions as well. So what do you propose we do to them? Kill every other person of a different religion? Force them to convert? or suppress them like they don’t deserve anything?

For arguments sake, lets assume we do that! We suppress every other individual. Now, what? How do you feel about it? Do you remember the times when you used to make fun of Pakistan and Afghanistan for their ever troubled country and their religion? You have always argued that Islam has always focused on promoting their religion by hook or by crook. You have always hated them for this. Haven’t you?

But how are you any different than this? A Muslim man named Mohammed Akhlaq was killed by a Hindu mob just because he had beef in his house. What does that make you? No! Don’t call yourself a promoter of Hinduism. Hinduism is much greater than that. It’s a way of life, It’s the religion of tolerance and peace. It doesn’t force its will on others. But lets not talk about religion here. The debate for which religion is the best can go on for decades without any solution.

It’s about morality. A person practising his religion in his personal space should never hurt your religious sentiments and if it does, either there is something wrong with you or your religion. and as far as I know my religion, it doesn’t allow enforcement of  ideas and will on others. If you think eating beef hurts your religion and its practices, don’t eat it! Keep it up to yourself! No one is ever going to force you to eat beef. But you cannot go on poking every person who has hardly any association with your religion. Even if he is from your religion, you don’t have the right to force your will on him, the least killing him.

And yet again, let’s come back to our first point. India is not a Hindu nation and it will never be. It is a secular country according to our constitution and every religion has the right to practise theirs. You cannot and should not indulge in forcing your methods on them. This is the 21st century. Don’t you think the energy you waste promoting your religion and practices if used for some noble causes like promoting education and reducing poverty, we could be a better country?

Always remember, promoting your religion by force can never give you a good name. Try promoting it by doing some good deeds for the country! It helps.

This is a request from an average Indian-

We don’t want to be Pakistan or ISIS! Please let Hinduism be the religion of tolerance and peace!

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