Sometimes in life we are at cross-roads. Even the most polite among us reaches that point when he thinks that the only option he has to deal with a certain person is through aggression. Governments have thought upon ways to deal with such kinds of people and the quickest way to do that, history tells us they had decided, is by killing them. Death penalty has been in existence ever since.

Death penalty has been a popular form of punishment since ages around the world. While this form of punishment looks down upon the gift of life, as some may assert, this is the arguably best way of dealing with some people.

Death penalty, as a form of punishment definitely needs to exist in the society. Strictly speaking, it’s a form of incapacitation. This is just as useful to control a vicious criminal as putting a petty thief behind the bars for a few months. Heinous criminals must be killed to prevent them from committing more crimes, either in prison (lifetime imprisonment) or by making a show of it (death penalty). A social show of the killing warns the people of the consequences. It also saves a lot of time and resources that could be better spent to improve the living conditions of the needy.

One isn’t meant to know exactly when he is supposed to die. It is the anticipation of death that is more killing than Death itself. The long wait between the death sentence and actual death must be the wait of a lifetime. A criminal’s mind must be revisiting everything he had ever done and wishing with his whole heart and soul that he hadn’t done whatever he had, to bring forth such hatred upon himself that an entire nation or the world for that matter wanted him dead. Capital punishment is useful this way as the realisation of guilt comes very quickly and even a hard-core criminal actually feels punished.

Remember the Delhi rape incident? Isn’t it shocking to see the juvenile rapist being let free by the government? This is not acceptable and can not be justice in any form of the term. He was the one who had inserted the rod to bring out the intestines. He was the most heinous of them all. The government of our country, however, like the good shepherd who redirects the sheep that have fallen out of the line (Biblical reference; RSS uses cows instead), has gifted the ‘mold-able young mind’ a sewing machine and a sum of rupees. In what world is this justice, when a person who has lost everything in, say a natural calamity, ignored by the same government? The victim of Nature’s wrath is treated in a manner we most definitely are aware. Is this the nation that our freedom fighters have ought for?

While it’s a good thing to forgive and forget, it must be understood that not everything deserves forgiveness. Moreover, while capital punishment doesn’t do anything to restore the victims or their families to a time before the crime, it does give them a sense of satisfaction upon knowing that the person who inflicted the misery that they suffered has been suitably punished.

A system in place for the purpose of granting justice cannot do so for the surviving victims unless the murderer himself is put to death.

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