How often have you heard the phrase, “Be positive! Look at the optimistic side of everything”?

It’s quite common, right! Be it a pop song, some famous novel, or an oscar winning movie, it’s everywhere. But Is it always a good thing?

Hell Yeah, It makes you feel good about the current situation and keeps you happy and calm, but amidst that, there is some baggage that comes along with positive thinking.

Researchers say Positive thinking is related to less effort!

Gabrielle Oettingen, a professor of psychology wrote a book titled, “Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation”. After studying motivation for more than 20 years, she found out that positive thinking isn’t always that good as perceived conventionally.

In fact, According to her, dreamers are often non-doers.

She specifically focuses on the part that positive thinking makes you feel good about the moment and hence you don’t put in the same amount of effort as needed. And this pleasure is actually a problem because it makes you feel the same sense of accomplishment as you would have experienced after achieving a goal.

According to her research over 20 years, she found out that:

  • The more positive obese people are when entering a weight reduction program, the less weight they’ll lose.
  • The more positive University graduates are about entering the job market, the less they’ll earn.
  • The more positive students are about excelling on a test, the worse they’ll perform.
  • The more positive people are about retirement, the less they’ll save.
  • The more positive hip replacement patients are about early recovery, the less well they’ll do as judged by their physical therapist.

The summary? Positive thinkers put in less effort and therefore less successful.

Discover the art of practical positive thinking!

Positive thinking has its many merits, including better health, greater achievements and longer life but that combined with a practical approach can push you to do even bigger things in life.

Positive thinking is an amazing skill which makes you dream even the most Hercules task, but like it’s always said, dreaming is not the only thing you need to do in order to succeed. Success involves many other parameters like planning, focus, and hard work.

And this is where most of us go wrong. Each one of us harvests some amazing dreams for us but when the time comes to implement them, we often get lazy. For some of us, this takes the form of disappointment as our reality never meets the expectation.

How to solve this problem?

As I talked about before, success needs more than just dreaming. Here are some things you can do in order to actually do what you have dreamt of:

1.Dream: Of course, this has to be the first. You cannot discover your passion without dreaming endlessly about. In order to succeed, you need to dream tirelessly up to the limit that it keeps you awake at night. Once you are there, it’s time to move ahead.

2. Plan: This little step might not sound so important but it actually lays the building block for your dreams. In order to construct a building, an architect has to make a plan and go for it. Similarly, in order for your dream to work, you need a plan, a full proof plan of what and how are you going to cross every phase. Sadly, most of us skip this step and complain about being lost in the crowd.

3. Keep going: Once you have a plan, you would exacltly know the troubles you are going to face. Succesful people don’t let the hurdles define their life; they use these hurdles as their stepping stones for success. You need to keep believing in yourself and keep pushing yourself towards the destination.








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