Love is a common subject that baffles everyone at some point in their lives. Some people claim to know everything about this intriguing subject, while some struggle with it all their live. As far as I am concerned, I am not an expert on love, but I have found some interesting reasons that make it  okay to not know what love is. Here they are:

First of all, if you are still in school or a teenager, you need not worry about what love is. You have ample time to realize that. And as you grow up, the meaning of love for you is going to change a number of times. Till then, enjoy your adolescence and concentrate on your grades.

So what if you don’t know about love? Look at the bright side. Not knowing about love will save you from the heartbreak and all the emotional siyaapa (trouble) it causes. Sometimes, knowledge can be the dangerous thing, you know.

There are feelings you haven’t felt yet. Give them time. They are almost here.”, someone said. And, someone said it right. You will come to know when the time’s right and also when you are ready. Or maybe you already know what love is, but you haven’t realized that latent feeling yet.

Love is a feeling, an emotion. It is not just some kind of law of physics or maths theorem  that you are taught about in school or college. Rather than feeling, it is an intention and an action. It comes naturally with time.

Maybe before knowing what love is, you should concentrate more on being a loving human being. That will decipher all the meanings of love.

If it helps, many people who are in ‘love’ have no fucking clue what love is. Trust me, you are way better than those people. Because these people are not in love, they just have ‘relatively decent, somewhat satisfying lives’. Now you wouldn’t want to have that, would you?

Focus on other important things in life like your career, job or lifestyle. Nail these and you are set for life.

We are no Forrest Gump. He may not be smart, but he knew what love was.

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