What was Kiku Sharda aka our beloved “Palak” thinking when he got this wild idea of mimicking none other than Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on his show? Considering that the so-called Godman has a huge base of followers, some shocking controversies and serious charges hanging over his head, wondering what inspired him or the scriptwriter to dare mess with him! Here are few things we do not want Kiku Sharda or for that matter anyone to do if that do not want to be named in the missing category..

CBI evidently always gets involved with a high-profile lawsuit and then most of the times end up with the case unsolved for years. However, we warn KiKu Sharda because if CBI takes up this case he will be hanged in no time.

Why mimicking a “GodMan”?? Don’t you know that they are considered above God by none other than us mortals?? Rather mimic the common man who is dying each day due to inflation, rapes, or someone like your own self who is penalized for mimicking a man mimicking God!

A nation where there is no law for juvenile crimes, rape cases go on for years till the victim dies, where “hang till death” is once in a decade decision, where the car drinks and drive and kills people on roads, where cases related to businessmen or politicians are still waiting to see a judgment day, Kiku Sharda gets the fastest judgment with 14 days jail!

Trust me, in the recent times we have not seen any of the state police act so fast like they did in case of Kiku Sharda. Now that was some fast action we must say! When did we last see this? Oh! Not even in the recent terrorist intrusion case in Pathankot the police acted so swift! Wish they did!

Even though we are not sure how long Masood Azhar will be in Pakistan’s custody, but we sincerely appreciate their fast act of arrests. And, we also appreciate the fast arrest of Kiku Sharda in India, don’t we?

While we were appalled with the recent comments related to rising intolerance by Aamir and Shahrukh, now we wonder who’s being real “intolerant”!

Last but not the least, since when did Godmen start imitating actors and be a “Rockstar” or we heard them singing what we call English Bhajans in super bad language “I’m so lucky because you are my love charger…Billion battery when goes down, you charged up with love, so strong your power love, you are the love charger..”?

Kiku Sharda, you better buckle up and either join the follower base of the honorable Babaji or be a Baba yourself and you will be no less than a comedian. Believe me you will be much safer that way in our mother country. Mera Bharat Mahan!

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