Now I am not here to sit and do a Hindi pun here. I am here because I have something utterly magnificent to tell you.

“Be Jay.”

Yes. Those two words can be the strongest message you can convey and as of now they may seem nothing but non sense to you but hold your horses. This is about to get serious beyond compare.

Now there was a book published by a gentleman named F. Scott Fitzgerald. If you are American you instantly clicked with what I want to say. Unfortunately, education system in my country gives no weightage to classics and it’s an utter shame because classics whisper thrice the volumeĀ current novels can scream about. Anyhow the book was titled “The Great Gatsby”.

And I am not here to review a book or tell you about it’s tragic end or anything else. I am here to talk about a moment. A situation in the story. Something a hopeless romantic can catch on to and never let go. Something that will latch itself onto you and never let go.

I am here not to tell you about Jay Gatsby or anything. I am here to tell you about his love. I mean that’s what love is.

I may seem to be psychotic and I am and exhilarated which I am. Pardon me but let me make you feel a situation and it was that one situation I want you to feel. I am writing a whole bunch of senseless mumbo jumbo to make you feel; one moment.

“You open your eyes and find yourself in front of the woman you love and haven’t met for five years. She looks at you into your eyes and sits no further than a few inches away. Her eyes peel your skin and gaze into your soul.”

What do you do?

Five years is a long time. Imagine. Just imagine being that person. You may be feeling a lot. In fact more than a lot. But wait till I drop the bomb of being in Jay Gatsby’s shoes.

“You close your eyes and all your being shrinks down to one singular word. The name of your love. You are afraid to open your eyes. Your heart beats faster than you could have ever imagined and your lungs and hands are shaking. You knew that you will open your eyes and you know that you will be looking into the eyes of someone else’s wife but you can’t help it.

You think of the five years you have spent travelling the world; just to collect souvenirs from every nook and cranny across the globe. Silks, cottons, linens for her. The grandest of the grandest instrument and the best musician to play it. The doors to a castle being your entrance to your home.

Five years spent making yourself that one person who has everything which means nothing. You open your eyes to gaze into the eyes of the girl who is nothing but means everything.”

Can you imagine being Jay Gatsby? Can you feel that emotion? Can you love someone as strong as Jay Gatsby did?

Now listen to the one sentence that I began this with and I will end this with. Now it will mean a lot more than just a Hindi pun. Now it will have strength to break down every single wall in planet. Now it means a substantial lot.

Be Jay.

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