2015 is over and you managed to get past that too. Yes, You did it. Amidst all the problems and allegations, you did it. It was a tiring year, wasn’t it? After all, you had a hard time defending your favorite politician or celebrity. Things would have been even worse for you if you were a Narendra Modi or Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan’s fan(no offense intended). The so-called “Bhakts” and “AAPtards” were also not spared and the endangered species of Rahul Gandhi’s fan following turned out the happiest. It’s rightly said “The less you expect, the happier you are”!

The biggest news grabbing source in 2015 was the Bihar elections. Crores of rupees were spent on rallies and trying to woo the voters over “fake promises” like it’s always done. Bihar soon became a pilgrimage for every politician, be it the Chief minister or Prime minister, everyone lined up in Bihar to make Biharis feel special. And you bet, they did. As election time was nearing, people were already divided into two groups. One being a die-hard Modi follower and the other following “Nitish-Lalu” alliance. Both the groups knew about reality but everyone chose to be biased over things that they liked. But this was just the start. As the day of result kept nearing, the temperature rose even further. There were high speculations about who would win this grand election with people were throwing random guesses. However, it was the media houses that went one step further and achieved a new low by deducing wrong exit poll results. But who cared about that? It was now “Bhakts” turn to create havoc. All around the facebook, you could see hate speeches and comments over how Biharis are stupid and dumb and how they always deserve to live a miserable life. It’s highly possible that Biharis made a mistake but the other story could be true too. What’s the point in spreading hatred over things even you can’t rely on? Politicians have had this job of dividing people since eternity, why are you getting one step further and doing that yourself?

The second biggest thing happened in 2015 was the huge “Tolerance vs Intolerance” debate blown out of proportion by our media and then “us”. Media took an ugly step and we did the rest by flavoring it with religion and blind fan following. There was some stir in the country obviously caused by some of our politicians and matter was made worse by some hate comments by some influential people. But where is the TRP? Media houses exactly knew this and tricked some Bollywood stars into answering these questions. They spoke what they thought was right. But how could they? How could they ever disgrace India by talking their mind? After this, people were divided on the grounds of nationalities. Sounds amazing, Doesn’t it? People in support of Aamir and Shahrukh Khan were “sent to Pakistan” because of course, they were traitors and anti-nationalists. How could they even a fan of someone named Khan. They don’t support Tushar Kapoor which proves they are anti-Hindu and anti-Indian.

I could go on and on about these stories but I think I have made my point. Everything we see or listen to has two sides. Just because we are looking at one side, doesn’t mean there is no other side. We, of course, have your own opinions and likes but don’t let that overrule any other opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you can’t sense their way of thinking, doesn’t mean they are wrong.

It’s our job to sense everything that is fed to us and think accordingly. Let’s make a vow of being unbiased in 2016 and not over reacting on every minute thing we see and hear. Let’s prove a point here to those selfish media houses and politicians. Let’s be logical and let love and logic trump hate.

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