The meaning of life is too generic to pen down in a single sentence or paragraph. Where would you begin? Where would you end? How about we change the way we look at it? Let’s try not to look at life as this gargantuan mystical entity that’s oh-so-hard to figure out. How about we take it slow,maybe just one day at a time? For every day that you wake to see the light of, find just one tiny reason to smile. One is all you need to push you through the entire day.

Life’s too short to even care at all. You’re always going to have haters, critics and naysayers who wouldn’t do so much as break your fall even if it were the only thing you asked of them. Life isn’t measured by what one possesses, what one doesn’t, who one chooses to follow or who one chooses not to. It’s measured by what you can make of the endless possibilities handed out to you. Maybe circumstances don’t favour you and maybe they do everything they possibly can to work against you. But therein lies the challenge of it all. That’s where you have to step up, to rise to the occasion and shine. You were only given this life because you’re strong enough to deal with it. You might get help along the way sometimes, and for most parts of it, you don’t. Doesn’t mean you can always bank on it and neither does it mean that you can always hope to stumble upon some luck.

What is life but another day to wake up to? To take on with a spirit renewed, a sharpened mind every single day, stronger than the day before. Push yourself to be better than you were the day before and continue to do so until you’re the best version of yourself.


Life isn’t a mad race to get to the finish line. It’s not some cut throat competition to get to the top before anyone else can. You know what it is though? It’s an opportunity to push yourself to be a better person, to set your own benchmark and rise above it every single day. Every day is a chance you get to push yourself to bounds unknown to you.

When you compare yourself to strangers, peers, whoever there are only two ways it can go- you’re either better or worse.

If you’re better or if you think you are, what’s it going to do for you? It’s going to inflate your ego and you’re going to prance around like you’ve accomplished everything.

Now what if you aren’t better than these people? Where would that leave you? Sad, disappointed? Feel like just because you aren’t as good as them you should give up? Or maybe push and fight your way through to actually being better than them. You could get there, sure you can, there’s nothing you can’t do. You get to the top, and then what? You want to stay there. Which brings us back to where we started off from- the inflated ego. So, all this while you’ve been putting in all that hard work and effort to prove that you have what it takes to be better than someone else. Comparing yourself to someone else’s story that’s isn’t even closely related to you is relentless. Neither you nor the poor soul you managed to drag down with you in this little battle of wits stands a chance of benefiting from it.

Fighting to stay alive in the rat race isn’t going to do you any good, especially if all you care about is power and social acclaim. That’s one hell of a battle. That’s such a stark feud and there are no tell tale signs of whether it would do you any good.

What if you downsize it? Internalise it? Prove to be a better version of yourself that needs constant upgrading? That’s the new battle. The more plausible one. The one that could actually bring out the very best in you. Wake up every morning and do better than you did yesterday. Push yourself to extents unknown to you and fight. Prioritise your life. There’s only one person like you in the entire universe. Why not become the best version of him instead of hopping onto the bandwagon that everyone else seems to be hopping on to? I refuse to believe that you don’t have an inherent purpose in your life. It’s just that you haven’t found it or worse it’s right before your eyes but you don’t see it.


Every single act of yours, every single moment gets etched into the chapters of your life. Every single one of them is going to be stored on a bookshelf named after you. Once each chapter is done it rests on that shelf of yours. Every now and then, someone is going to knock it off its shelf. As it falls to the ground, on its way to reopening, you have a decision to make. Will the mysteries and uglies of the past come back to haunt you or will it stay closed so you can place it back on that shelf as if nothing ever happened? That’s your call. That’s in your hands. That’s what you take from your life. Each of the chapters has a story to tell. Could be good, bad or ugly. But you know what, It’s Yours. Where would you be without them? Experiences take you through the journey of your life. They can either make or break you. Let them break you if they have to. Wreck you if they have to. Turn your life upside down. Once they start to fade, you’re in control. Take something from them. Learn. Listen to what they have to teach you and write what you have to into that book of yours. What you take from them is what defines you, making you who you are at this very second.

Ask me what the meaning of life is? I don’t know. Where I want to be? I barely know. But this much I do know, I want to be the best author of the book to my life that no amount of editing by me or anyone else can make better. So, I’m going to start one day at a time. One tiny day at a time.

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