Google Chrome is one of the largely used browsers on the Internet and you would have many guesses on why it is so. Your internet experience is obviously modified by using a good web browser, but it can get even better by using chrome extensions that are a must for every person. Here is the list:

1. Any.Do: We know you are a lazy person who forgets to do stuff. This extension syncs on all your devices and makes sure you never forget what you have to do no matter wherever you are. This extension also makes it easier to do all your household work and also simplifies your team projects.

2. Minimalist for Everything: Remember the last time when you downloaded an app and it installed a toolbar for free? Yeah, We understand your pain. The Internet can be a scary place. However, Minimalist for everything is one such extension which will slim down the web to make it simpler to use. You aren’t a web designer, you just need to watch porn in peace. This will remove all the clutter from your web experience.

3. Lazarus: Are you a college student who fills out a lot of forms online? This is the extension you need. When you’re typing in a form, Lazarus saves what you’re doing. If your browser crashes, Lazarus saves a backup. It’s a very simple extension but can seriously help you through all the trouble.

4. AdBlock Plus: Ah! Does this even need an introduction? You watch a lot of pornography and every time, you are tricked into clicking into some random stuff which was an ad in disguise. Don’t you just hate it? Adblock Plus can save your day anytime. It blocks all the ads on all the websites you visit.

5. Disconnect:  Disconnect blocks advertisers and social networks from tracking your browsing habits. On top of that, Disconnect has all kinds of tricks up its sleeves, including the ability to block people from hacking into your personal info. Even better, Disconnects new privacy icons make it even easier to tell if a site’s legit.

6. The Great Suspender: Remember that time when you working for a college report and you had lots to work on? This was the time when you had lots of tabs open and it eventually crawls up all your RAM. The great Suspender takes care of this problem by automatically suspending tabs you’re not using so they don’t use up CPU.

7. Momentum: Yeah, Chrome new tab screen is pretty cool but it has good old and boring now. If you think the same, Momentum is an extension you should download. It replaces the default screen with a beautiful photo with any inspirational quote if you want. You can also create a to-do list to keep a reminder on things you need to do.

8. Grammarly: Remember that time your friend was roasted for a very common grammatical mistake? This can happen to you too. Also, if you write a lot of articles online and are skeptical about any grammatical mistakes, Grammarly is the extension you should download. It corrects all the grammatical error real time and makes sure you are away from embarrassment.

9. Invisible Hand: Don’t you just love it when you are shopping online and you get tons of coupons to choose from? To avoid the hassle of visiting different websites for collecting coupons, install the Invisible hand extension which finds the best deal for you online.

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