The life of an Astronaut is something we all have been curious about. It sounds exciting at first, but when we hear about the time span they spend in ISS, We often wonder, “How do they pass their time?” An astronaut’s average space mission can last anywhere between 6 months to 1 year and if you are still confused about what do they do in this time, take a look at French astronaut Tom Pesquet, who is on a six-month-mission to the International Space Station [ISS]. :

I am glad it’s not on Earth!

You can’t properly sleep even there?

Only if you could sleep 16 times!

This would look so creepy on Earth!

It’s always beautiful!

Great view and your playlist! What else do you want?

And Yep, No God up there!

Sometimes, the view is breathtaking! (New Delhi)

And sometimes, you get to remember TBBT!


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