We have heard all kind of stories about love, about how it is the most beautiful thing at one moment and the most hurtful in other. We have seen people dancing, doing some extraordinary things and even achieving the most difficult targets when they are in love. And we have also seen people break down, commit some serious crimes and eventually wasting their lives. But is this what love is about? If love hurts, why do we keep doing it?

It’s because we look at love all wrong especially when we get hurt. Love doesn’t hurt. Being with the wrong partner who cannot understand you hurts and most importantly, your expectations hurt.

Love is by far the most beautiful and most addictive thing in this world. Everyone eventually falls for it but when relationships end, because someone lied or cheated, we get hurt and we blame love for all our troubles. Bitterness sets in and we look at the world differently.We try to look at everything differently at we say “I can’t fall in love again because I don’t want to get hurt”

But did love really hurt you?

Can’t you remember the time when you felt infinite and when you knew you could achieve everything? That’s the power of love and this is one thing you should always keep to yourself if you want your love to grow and be limitless. Love has never failed you and it won’t fail you. There should be no reason to swear to stay away from it.

The things that hurt you are not at all related to love. It could be either your chase of getting into a relationship or your endless expectations when you get into one. And you are not exactly to be blamed here. It’s a part of human behavior and societal rules. We expect a lot from everyone around us and when that person is too close to your heart, expectations soar up to a new height.

Why do we even have expectations!

When two people get into a relationship, everything works wonder for them until the time expectations start to kick in. We start expecting from our partners and then comes the sorrows. We expect them to do things in a way we have thought in our head, and when they deviate from it, we feel unimportant. We need to realize how we all are different and even if you feel like soul mates, made for each other, you two are different bodies with different needs and different thinking pattern. The expectation in these cases do nothing but rot the relationship.

Be selective in choosing your partner!

Considering the hormones raging inside you, it sounds like a tough one but it by far is the most important part. Any wrong decision taken in this regard has the potential to destroy you and your personality. Yes, there would not be everyone compatible to you. Yes, It takes time to find that special person but once you are done with the search, you know the difference. Don’t ever try to lower your expectations about getting the perfect partner because the probability of getting a partner similar to what you expect is very high. Don’t let mediocrity come in between. Be highly selective in choosing your partner and you would know why love doesn’t suck.

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