If you are one of those social media freaks, you know what I am talking about!

If not, do not forget to go back on Facebook status updates, comments, tweets, blogs lined up all over the place and remember that before you can scroll down through those platinum rings exchanged between the to be bride and groom, Sangeet pictures, there is a lot more to absorb on the Shaadi and the grand reception.

Burp! We aren’t finished yet…

Oh yeah! The celebrities who attended, did not attend, tweeted and retweeted the blessings, the designer they wore that night, the bridal shower pictures, the bachelor party Instagram updates and the much awaited final confirmation for the Honeymoon find their way sneakily to the zoom blogs getting the masses crazy and the like buttons introducing newer emoticons for those overloaded virtual emotions.

However, much massive follow-up by the paparazzi and the public is on who finally parts ways, what is the reason they decide to give away to the media for the split, the Dubsmash to end it away all in humour or probably a tweet or two to back up your much troubled celebrity partner. As if that is ever going to cause the media to go in an Awww! moment.

Who are we kidding? After the release of “Main tera Hay re Jabra fan ho gaya!” song, this is what the breakup and makeup celebs get started their fans with. One time we support our celebrities to flash their single and promo season badge status, the other moment we find camera flashes capturing the celebrity Ooh lala! and Oh my goodness! moments. With a word from them about how, where and to whom they get hitched, who they kick aside, putting an end to their lives or the relationship and move on with some other guy in the far away island they had earlier proposed to spend their honeymoon with their ex, we continue to love them all, despite the decisions they make.

You already have searched the worldwide net and read it all yourself on how to save and cling on to your drowning relationships, probably how to make him or her miss you more over a long distance relationship, how to know if he loves you back or is it something you can consider serious, then for Christ sake, let the celebrities be at peace with their own private self. We know they appreciate our concern over their lives and that is why they share it all but to pull them down even more along with the media is in our hands. We are the ones who make and mould or break the bands so it is for us to decide to smirk away along those mushy headlines making our way to much more curiosity to what holds for the highlighted relationship in future or to support those grave statements and bold remarks passed to instigate a greater rivalry among the exes and the present beau.

Since all we are bothered about is “Kaun, kisko, kahan, kab aur kaise mila aur kuch samay baad unka hua kya?”

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