The title might have rung all the wrong bells in your head.

“What is the author talking about?”

“Why do we even need to master the art of quitting?”

“Last time I heard, only losers quit!”

And you are completely right about it. We have always been conditioned to believe that quitting is for losers and how quitting nearly equals failure.

The “never quit’ attitude is a great thing and does great wonders when you are pursuing something you love. Quitting just because you couldn’t cope up with it has always been a bad idea and has never been seen among successful personalities.

However, Quitting sometimes can be regarded as a smart move and a decision that holds the power to change your life.

Take the example of Bill Gates for an instance.

Before building his empire, Gates started a business called Traf-O-Data which went nowhere and he dropped out of Harvard. But his passion for computers and his vision of the opportunities led him to start Microsoft.

Bill Gates exactly knew when to quit his business and even his college. If he wouldn’t have mastered the art of quitting, we wouldn’t be using the world famous operating system.

And he is not the only one. Almost every successful personality has a failed tale behind their successful present.

And it’s not as easy as it sounds. To succeed, you should exactly know when to quit and how to go thereafter. Because let’s face it,

Quitting is as hard as starting!

We often sing the tales of how starting something can be tough but have you ever given it a thought that quitting is as much hard as starting. Consider your case for instance,

You are stuck in the wrong job which you never seem to enjoy. But you have a dream. A dream of being an actor. You desperately want to quit your job and pursue your dreams. But there is one thing that’s always stopping you. The What- Ifs. You often argue with yourself in your head thinking about all the possible scenarios and situations if you fail to make it big.

And then this old saying haunts you, “You must not quit”. You feel scared quitting because you would be labeled as a loser. You continue living your normal life, trying to ignore the bad guy inside your head.

Time continues to pass on and you still lie at the same place, still dreaming about your passion.

Quitting is important to accelerate your life!

You finally cluster the courage to take that risk and decided to quit your job. You knew the road ahead wouldn’t be easy but you decided to give it a shot. The start was a bit rough but you knew what happiness was when you worked for your passion. Success took time but you stayed there because you enjoyed the process.

When you decide to quit something, as many as thousand thoughts run in your hand. And that’s a perfectly reasonable place to be in. When you are questioning your motives and your actions, you are taking responsibility for yourself. The questions might be many.

“Am I really a good writer?”

“Will my app do good?”

“Will people buy my product?”

When these questions begin to haunt you, take a moment to think about yourself. Ask yourself:

“If I lose my job right now, Can I get another one?”

“Do I have enough skills to survive?”

“Who is in charge of my happiness?”

“Will pursuing my dream make me happy?”

When you have honestly answered these questions, I don’t even need to tell what needs to be done. You have come a long way in this journey of life and you clearly know in your head where you want to go. The only thing that’s stopping you is fear. Being utterly confident in yourself and your abilities will help you overcome these.

Quitting is an important art you need to master in order to succeed and that generally comes with understanding yourself very well.

Know your strengths well and your weaknesses even more. Know when you are reaching a dead end and know exactly when you need to find a new path. Learn to give up rather than repeating the same thing over and over again.

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