Terrorist attack in Paris took the world by storm. People rushed on to every social network they are signed up into post sympathetic status and posts. Media and Publishing companies rushed to the city to provide everyone with a live coverage of the incident talking about every minute detail. Later that day, even Facebook jumped down to getting its share of coverage by allowing users to change their DP for support.

One day after the incident, while the wounds were still green, someone on this huge ocean of internet pointed out that media is being biased about this. A day before the Paris attack took place, there were attacks in Syria as well and yet there was no one to cover that. Soon, this post also spread like wildfire and everyone started complaining about how media is biased and it doesn’t care about anything other than white lives.

You are outraged too and you think the attack in Paris got way more media attention while those in Beirut, Lebanon, and Garissa, Kenya do not, even get a tiny bit of coverage where people are dying in large numbers too.

Okay. Let me make a random guess here. I am pretty sure you all can point to Paris on a point blank, but you do not even know which part of the world does Beirut or Garissa belong to. Many are busy complaining about these incidents being unreported, but they too are unaware of its whereabouts lest the things happening there.

But how does it matter?

We all know media department in U.S or India or in fact any country of the World are highly competitive and a commercial industry. The sad fact is that cover story of Paris being attacked sells way more than a similar attack in Syria or Lebanon. There are basically two reasons for this:

  1. Paris is a city known to all for its historical importance and beauty. Being one of the most highly visited cities of the World, this would capture more views since everyone had their eyeballs stuck on that place.
  2. The number of attacks in Syria or Kenya is way higher than the likes of Paris because of the unstable government and civil war scenario in those places. Hence, an attack in Paris is certainly a bigger deal.

Having said that, it’s clear as to why any commercial company would focus more on attacks in unlikely places. You can imagine it yourself. You have listened to countless stories and news of the attack in Syria every day since the start of civil war in 2011. What was your  reaction? You were sad the first day, sympathetic the second and bored of the same old tiring news the third. You didn’t want to see the same thing every day but when the attack on Paris happened, it was a big deal and in this race between news channels, they would certainly focus on something every audience wants to see. What is wrong with this professionalism?

If you are worried about the state of media, remember that this is the media you have created for yourself. The media has adapted itself to cover news that you like and you love to see. Blaming the media now is like blaming yourself. Think before you protest!

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