Men belong to the kitchen. Women belong to the kitchen. Everyone belongs to the kitchen. It has food.

Of course. And who doesn’t love food? In a world of star chefs with a cult fan following, there are more men than women who have made it large in the cooking industry. Despite all this, why don’t we see many men actively seeking participation in the kitchen? A man who cooks in India is a much rare sight than people not interested in politics.

How did we end up like this, though?

Let’s try to unearth this answer through evolution.

Scrolling down the historical pages at a time when the ancient humans started hunting, men had the job of killing animals( obviously due to physical supremacy) and women had to cook it for the family.

Million of years down the lane, things have changed for good. There do now exist men who love to cook for themselves and for the family. However, they are an exception more than the norm. In the age of equality, where women are as much occupied as men, seeing the interior of kitchen sounds like a rare possibility, thanks to the maid. But keeping the family well fed and taking care of the kitchen is still a women’s job. Where did we go wrong?

Cavemen were supposed to hunt for the family.


Women were supposed to do the cooking



Gordon Ramsey

Are men to be blamed for this?

No. Of course not. The women in their lives are to be blamed for this.These women take the clumsy task of treating the men in their lives like babies. Why else would a mother hire someone to cook for their son when she is not around? Why else would a wife pack her five days worth of food when he is travelling for a meeting? All these years, he has gotten away with these because she made him.

And women have a perfect explanation for this ineptness. Most part of the women’s idea comes from being called the perfect mother/wife. And that’s a very good thing to aim for, although not in this regard. Most of their mothers would never let their child go to the kitchen chanting the phrase,” I am not dead yet”. Doing so would make her the best possible mother ever.


But is that right? You might not be dead today but nobody is immortal. The aim of a perfect mother should be to make their child self-independent making him able to survive in any possible situation. With the recent advent of disappearing nucleur families, this is more of a need than desire.

Look at it this way. You want your kid or husband to eat and stay healthy. And this is the reason why you prepare him home made delicacies. Reasonable enough. But what happens when you are not around for a week or a month? Would you want him to grab some unhygienic, oil dipping food from some road corner joint every day? Yes, you want to show your love by cooking for him but you are doing, even more, harm by not letting him cook.


Let’s get this clear. Cooking is no longer an all women’s job. It’s a necessity and a life skill which we all are dependent on. Not being able to cook is not a matter of pride, have you ever seen someone boast about not being able to breathe?

Hey, Dude, I don’t know how to breathe. My ventilator does it for me!

Didn’t sound cool, Did it? That’s how you sound making that women and kitchen joke and not knowing how to cook. But yeah, always remember one thing. Once you are done practicing your cooking skills, keep everything back to its place or else be prepared to face the wrath. THE WRATH OF A WOMEN!

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