As we keep growing old in this chaotic world full of disorder, we can’t go a moment without hearing the glories of mindfulness and meditation. With modernity peaking up and life becoming complicated more than ever, people often think being mindful keeps one at par with all the troubles and problems in life. And this is the biggest mindfulness myth one can carry around with themselves.

When I tell someone about you meditating and mindfulness, they always think about me as a person who likes to stay alone in an independent room always meditating and that keeps me away from all the problem.

And this is one of the biggest misconceptions one can even believe in. Meditation does not necessarily mean you have to sit in an empty room focusing as much as you can and then finally achieving consciousness with chakras floating in our heads and our minds being totally empty. And mindfulness doesn’t mean we are don’t feel anything at all and it certainly doesn’t assure only good things coming to us.

When you meditate, all it teaches you is to be in control of your thoughts. And like every other human, it’s not an easy thing to do. We have an acting brain and that pumps up thousand of information every second. Do you think a person who meditates is so much in control of his thoughts that he can choose to refuse or accept any thought process? If you do, you are totally wrong. It’s never that easy. A meditator is another normal person who gets better with practice but perfection is always on the horizon. There would always be thousands of unattended thoughts trying to bother you, all a meditator does is to ignore them all.

Secondly, When we talk about mindfulness, it doesn’t necessarily mean our lives is totally lit up and the eternal power is sending positive energy to us making us so happy and blissfull. That’s totally illogical. We all are born humans and we all have our share of happiness and troubles and believe me, it’s the same for each one of us. Being mindful doesn’t make you wary of any troubles. Being mindful only means being in better (if not total) control of our thoughts. It just teaches you to see the silver lining even when the clouds are dark. It teaches you to be stable even during the wildest storms. This is what mindfulness does. Choosing positives over the negatives and even a slight hint of it does the work.

And mindfulness doesn’t mean we are stagnant!

That’s another misconception persisting today. Like the points discussed earlier, meditation or being mindful only does the task of keeping you at peace. No, less no more. And growth is no way related to it. Or wait, it does. When you are at peace with your body and with your mind, you are able to perform tasks at better efficiency and thus you can do it even better. And that clearly is the reason why top notch CEOs and businessmen prefer to be in touch with a peaceful side of themselves.

So next time, when someone talks about meditation, don’t imagine a naked baba sitting in the tree shade. Meditation is an art of achieving peace inside yourself which clearly can make you do better things on a happy note.

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