There lies a tingling bliss in solitude, they say. With the establishment of societies in the world, the aspect of domination and subjugation came up and our solitude vanished away. Men now owned property, animals and then the idea of ‘power’ came into being. The notions like caste, class, creed, religion, gender etc set their afoot. With these ideas also came up the thought of patriarchal societies and male chauvinism. Women have been tormented and subjected to heinous brutalities over numerous centuries. But as it goes every action has an equal and opposite reaction, thus, the concept of feminism came into being to defend women.

This movement which started as a defensive sword for women has turned into an attacking dagger over the past few years on men. Feminism is defined as,” The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes.” It is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. However, this connotation of ‘Feminism’ has undergone a steep drift in the modern era. A movement that started as a pro-women movement has inclined into an anti-men movement and there lies the dichotomy. Feminism advocates love for women, it doesn’t say hate men and that’s what people fail to understand. To the society we say, women are not aliens.

We just want to be equally treated as humans and not heavenly creatures. We just want that while we stroll on roads, we are not stared at by open-jawed mouths and glaring eyes. We don’t reservation of seats in the buses and trains, we want a safe travel because we have the strength to stand and travel. We don’t ask for reservation everywhere but an equal chance to take birth, platform to exhibit our capacities and be equally paid as men. The chasm between genders is what feminism is actually trying to bridge. We don’t want to be considered as an inferior sex neither a superior one. Let’s stand at one pedestal. Why do we have to be looked down upon? To the women, we need to know that we shouldn’t be trying to surpass men in the garb of feminism. Hatred towards men and trying to promote a matriarchal society wouldn’t yield any dividends.

We need to promote equality, not domination. The angle of vision needs to tilt and tilt for good, for truth. Also, taking undue advantage of the rules and regulation made in favor of women is an act of stooping down to severe levels. Why degrade your own standards? The recent act of the DU girl, Jasleen Kaur is one such bad example. The case of women trying to entice men and then turning the tables upside has also risen. Women have started taking the law as a tool of entertainment basking under the privilege offered by it. If men have been wronging us since ages, do we have to reciprocate or stop the chain? This is what needs to be thought. This is what after all being women is. This is ultimately what ‘Feminism’ is. Ponder and respond not react.

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