Lucknow, the city of Nawabs and previously known as Awadh. The city has a very rich cultural heritage. Being the capital of the state, it gets all the attention and tourists flock from distant places to visit and experience rich Nawabi culture and Mughlai cuisine. But hey, all of us know about Lucknow right? The famous Bada Imambara, Rumi Gate and Tunday Kebabs. I’m going to unveil some less commonly known places which some of you may have seen.

1. La Martiniere College Bandh

Everybody must have told about how great this institution is both historically and academically. But try the ambience that lies behind the building facing the Gomti river. Major hangout for youth and people seeking serenity and space. Thank me later!

2. Cappuccino Blast, 12 Mall Avenue

A place not known by many, located in the Lucknow Cantonment area. The place has some exquisite cuisines, gourmet restaurant, an antique gift shop and splendid DIY interiors. Must visit!

3. All Saints Garrison Church, Cantonment

A beautiful church in lush greenery, away from the hustle of the city. Unlike other churches, it is not that grandiloquent but has its own serenity!

4. Nainital Momos, Patrakarpuram

Writing about it brings water to my mouth. The Italian Barbecue and Nainital Special are a treat to the taste buds. Don’t forget the Mocha Hazelnut shake!

5. Royal Cafe, Hazratganj

Well, it is a renowned place but the Basket Chat and Raj kachori are a treat! If you are a foodie then do add this to your checklist.

6. Residency

Constructed by Nawab Sadat Ali Khan, Oudh and located on banks of river Gomti. Can be a place of great interest for history lovers. The place remains the of revolt of 1857 and the bullet holes still remain on the walls. It also has an attached graveyard mourning the lost lives in the attack.

7. “Satkhanda”

Though the name indicates ‘seven’ floors, the place has only 4 floors. It was built to view the entire city during those times. Now it’s a centre of attraction for nature lovers and getaways from the hustle bustle of the city.

8. Chattar Manzil or Umbrella Palace

Long forgotten, this place was built by Nawab Ghazi Uddin Haider and his successor. It is now being utilised the as building of Central Drug Research Institute.

9. The Clock Tower

The 67m high Victorian style tower built in 1881 stands tall and has seen several happenings of the city and is a major attraction located in picturesque and scenic location.

There are many more places, many more experiences and many more memories still to be made. The city is not only away from major hustle bustle of metro cities but has a charm of its own. From sunrise to sunset, there is an aura in every nook and corner of the city. From food to scenic views, from modern amenities to fun name it and you’ll have it. The Mughlai food is world famous and attracts tourists from across the world. ┬áDo visit the city and you will have a time of your life.

As Lucknowites can relate- Muskuraaiye… ki aap Lucknow me hain :)

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