CES 2016 kicked off a few days ago. Amidst a host of tech companies and software giants announcing new products, Netflix has finally launched its services in India. Now, for those of you who don’t really know what Netflix is, I am sorry to inform you that you are in the wrong internet. In the Cable TV driven Television world of India, where even dish TV took a long time to break into households, what chance does Netflix have of convincing Indians to forget the TV and hook onto the internet? (Facebook’s still trying, in case you hadn’t noticed!)

But without doubt, the advent of Netflix brings to mind several interesting changes that we might see around us. We have listed some of the most interesting ones on what Netflix in India could offer!

1. Lots of Netflix and chill jokes, which no-one will really get

We love our jokes! Whatsapp jokes, Santa Banta jokes, Kapil jokes and whatnot. Suddenly we will have a completely new trope to add to that- the Netflix and chill jokes! Yippeee!

2. Mothers will binge watch 1000-episode long daily soaps, causing widespread chaos at homes

We might just be in the need for some “Parent” control!

3. We will get to see our shows in slow motion, thanks to India’s internet speeds!

Daya, *buffering* is darwaze ko *buffering* tod do! (This might just be something really awesome!)

4. Censor board will launch its online wing

Mr Nahilani won’t let go of this chance to make another Modi kaka video crediting the advent of Netflix to Make in India!

5. Moral police will moral police unmarried couples who decide to stay home for ‘Netflix and chill’

Shadi ke pehle, larka larki ko apne apne ghar se netflix karne ka, samjha? #mightactuallyhappen

6. Airtel 4G girl will exhaust their database on the day of launch

And then download a copy of Netflix into the external HDD she got from Rajnikanth on her birthday

7. No more awkward condom ad moments

You won’t have to fake any more phone calls, doorbells, or stare at a random point in space! Phew!

8. “Sunny Leone” will still be the most searched on Netflix

Some things will never change. Ever.

9. ‘Tolerant’ people will burn internet routers and protest under Broadband towers to protest against movies

After all, getting to the root of a problem is our specialty, isn’t it?


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