Boom! In your face dude.

You thought I couldn’t handle it? There you go. I proved you wrong, like a boss.

So yeah! If you were busy wondering why she got upset and hung up on you over your last call, you might have to have check off a point from below. Don’t you worry because to err is human and to forgive, divine.

You really think you can do it? (Smirk…)

Who the hell you think you are to nag me all the time!

Why did I ever get back to you after that fight! (Eye roll…)

I am better than you, admit it.

What the f*** do you talk about to your mother for sooooo long?

You can’t pull that off honey.

I want you to do this, then get me some of that and make me this as well.(Switches on TV)

Why are you so cranky? Is it that time of the month?

Give me that babe.(Asks for the menu).. I know you will have the same as me.

Don’t talk to me like that. My mum never speaks to my dad like this!

I won’t change, you will have to change according to me.

Raise your standards. What if my friends don’t approve of you!

Gosh! You eat like a baby dinosaur.

You are such a loser. No wonder you were born a girl!

How can you act so dumb? I thought you were smart.

If you didn’t get it still. Chill! Girls are Goddesses in disguise.(Smiling with the halo above) Just probably check some points off her angry list with some of her favourite things she wants you to do to please her and then witness the magic.

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