Since the dawn of humanity, the mankind has been asking this important question without getting any influential answer.”Does Size matter?”

You know the answer. It does. But sometimes, it’s so big that it hurts. Of course, your body can adapt to it then you could enjoy every bit of that size. You are having fun, aren’t you? Let’s try increasing the size a bit more! How does it feel now? Even better? Now increase the size you have been thinking to five times its original size. The question returns again. Will it hurt? You are worried now, Aren’t you? You can’t take this anymore because you know this will eventually destroy you. So, you are agreeing to the fact that size matters but up to a certain limit? Great!

What have we been talking about? If you think it was about your favorite body part, you should read the first two paragraph again. We are talking about a much bigger problem. We are talking about the huge size that really matters. We are talking about the huge size of the human population that has been exponentially growing. The ever expanding and greedy human population has been inflicting destruction on this tiny Earth which is slowly and steadily running out of resources to feed our greed.

You know the reasons to this catastrophic growth. Of course, our liking for sex is a notable point, poverty and ignorance make the matter worse. Currently, We are more than 7 billion people in the world, and if we look at the past we realize that twelve years ago there were 6 billion, and looking back even further, the population in 1975  was 4 billion. So, since last 38 years, we have grown at an average of 80 million a year.

We clearly can understand that this trend is unstoppable, and the forecast says that by 2027, we will reach 8 billion, and if nothing changes, We will reach 9 billion by 2045. And this is a huge number. We are currently standing at the juncture where we have started to look for alternative sources, imagine what would happen by 2045!

What’s the harm?

You could ask, what’s the harm in this? We live in such a big planet and humans have always been able to come up with a solution to every problem? It could be answered in the simplest way. Look at the stats. At the current population of 7 billion, nearly half of it lives in poverty( more than 3 billion people) and around 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty. That means more than half of human population do not have access to the most basic needs. However sad it may sound but they deserve these basic needs as much as you do. With such exponential rise in human population, imagine the scenario 50 years later.

What can be done?

The answer definitely lies in educating as many people as you can. There is no limit to this as you will always fall short of numbers. Another advantage education brings is making people aware of what the current scenario is and how can it be solved. Eradicating poverty is another big step towards achieving our goal and it is directly related to education. In order to make sure that population growth is received properly, we must take special consideration by sustaining our natural resources. In addition to these, we must make sure, pollution is taken care of by waste treatment methods.

And of course, Condoms!


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