Dear Indian Television Industry,

Hope you are having a good time screwing with the minds of Indian viewers. And, if you have had enough with your senseless, bland serial productions, you need to stop now. Bass! Ab bahut hua. 

There was a time, not long ago, when there used to be some meaningful television production. Buniyaad, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi are the kinds of serials my dad can’t stop praising about. Even I had the lucky opportunity of growing up watching the serials like Tu Tu Main Main, Hum Paanch, Filmichakkar. Where are those good ol’ daysr? Now when I switch on the TV, all I get is a severe headache in the name of entertainment. I wish I suffered from selective amnesia. I don’t know for what reasons T.V. was titled with the term ‘idiot box’, but you people have left no stone unturned to make T.V. an idiot box and viewers petty fools.

tu tu main main

Tu-Tu Main-Main


Hum Paanch

You might have succeeded in brainwashing the mind of most of the Indian population. But there are still some of us like me who have the discernment of what quality entertainment is. And, as a responsible and discerning viewer, I would like to bring your attention to the nonsense that you sell us in the name of daily soaps and whatever is wrong with them. Like, for starters:

Could you please stop being lame?

It amazes me how the daily soaps take 10-year leap and no one dies or gets even a single white hair. Way to go, immortality! Some of the serials are so disastrous that they should be immediately banned. There is basic requirement for concept and story in a production. Do the words story and content make no sense to you? It amazes me how you manage to create such hogwash continued for years. Lame comedy, hyped emotions, trivial matters. Is that all you have to offer? For once, move away from saas-bahu and love story melodramas, and create some meaningful content.


Stop being a drag, please!

Your serials are like chewing gum. Like the taste of chewing gum vanishes after a long hour chewing, your serials also become bland and uninteresting after some time. If even after all these years, you still don’t know Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, God only help you then. Instead of being such a drag, you could take season wise halts so that there is some freshness in your content every time you broadcast your new season. And we, as viewers, will also have some curiosity and excitement for the upcoming seasons of our favorite TV shows.


Less makeup, more character

The make-up of the antagonist has more weight than your story. Enough with the overdone make-up and costumes and horrible sound effects. What if I tell you that you can make a hit TV show with skyrocketing TRPS with just minimal make-up and story? Yes, it is possible. Remember the shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Hum Paanch, etc. I don’t think those serials were a miracle production. Even if they were, miracles can happen again. Don’t stop believing.


Please, please hire real actors and scriptwriters

Models only look good on runway. When you are creating a serial production, you require real actors who can ‘act’. Because criteria for casting roles is not just good looks and lousy acting. And stop incorporating the ideas you shit every morning. Let the scriptwriters do that job for you. After all, there is no harm in meaningful story and dialogues. It will only enhance the quality of your show.

I wish I could sue you for the time I wasted watching your daily soaps and migraine that I got as a side-effect. Instead, I would request you to please kick some sense into your brains and your serials before the brains of the entire Indian population are turned into shitheads. Stop being synonymous to pathetic and rubbish.

A frustrated viewer

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