Facebook has we all know now, has become an important ingredient of our lives. But, not everyone is assumed by this social media giant.

Even, though Facebook is here to help us connect with friends, families and so on. It can also be a havoc to many off our personal lives.

Because, frankly stating I have had people met me in various programs and say “I read your status, saw that photo, liked that comment”. The point is I wish they would either SHUT UP about it in open events or just get to my inbox and ask what happened but no they love to do the SPY works in there.

So, many of us resort to deleting accounts. Sometimes we just want to delete because we have another account of we have had enough off Facebook and its annoying game invites which might STOP soon don’t know when but soon.

What is the simple way to solve it:

* Go to your settings, security and then the last one say deactivate it.
* Click on it enter the password and it’s deactivated.

And you think it is done !! But, Sadly No…

My friend wanted to add me recently and she asked what my account name was and since I have a funky name I hide behind and not the real name. She happened to find my old account that I made when Facebook was popular and starting up in the US and no one in India had it because it invited only policy back then.

I was shocked to see what was this account lingering about. First, I thought it was hacked and someone else was using it has a fake account but when I reached to the roots off it. It was registered to my email ID.

That is when I decided to read about it and is when I found out that to deactivate means that it still lingers about *Even though Facebook states after 45 days it will remove it. But naaaa they didn’t*

So, I began to see if one could actually delete an account permanently. And to my shock there was a way and this isn’t being given out to everyone and it was hiding in the policy with another link that some guys in this video found it out thankfully. This can help you well to delete your Facebook


So, you have a hacked Facebook or you want to delete and you have no time to see that link let me help you out.

It is this simple:

* Open Facebook. Log in and go to the settings
* Now follow the above steps and deactivate the profile
* Immediately after you do log out and then wait a min or two
* Log back in and it should say welcome back and blab la
* Well, then click on this click below

* This will take you to the permanent Delete option.
* Click on it and then leave it for 30 days and Boom! that account with the register ID will not be there and you won’t have a Facebook.
Well, however, cool this info is, You must not log back in for it to be deleted completely off the grid.

WARNING: However, you should be really careful if your Boy/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife gets to know this and takes you off Facebook. So watch for it…


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