So, We hear you a coder. And let’s assume you love to code. Is there anything else I need to say? I guess not. I can understand your pain. Let’s just recall the everyday pain and moments every coder can relate to:

1. When you spent countless hours trying to code something and you found a perfect library after that!

2. When you are asked to code something a bit more complex!

3. Because Stack overflow!

4. When your code isn’t working but you can’t figure out why!

5. When you spent the last night coding, this is what happens in class!

6. And when you are trying to solve a bug!

7. When someone asks you to do their share of coding as well!

8. When someone says they got a better runtime in their code!

9. When your code works exactly as you wanted it to!

10. When you haven’t had a meal for long since you were busy in coding!

11. When you look back at your code you wrote 5 years back!

12. When you watch your juniors discuss about some minor coding error!

13. And when you get more tasks on a Friday afternoon!

But no matter how troublesome coding is, you always end up saying:

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