If you are in IT sector and your company was considerate enough to give you a laptop, this post is for you. “Work from Home” is the only blessing IT job employees have ever got in their world of dismay and sadness. However, it’s not all gold and glitters. Like everything in this eternal universe, it has its pros and cons as well. Here, we mention some of these:


1. Stating the obvious: You don’t have to get up early in the morning tired, you don’t have to catch the bus to your office paying 50 bucks for standing among stinky men. And the best part? The dress code. Be in your pyjamas or boxer, no body is going to care and seriously the lady from HR department isn’t going to call you either.

2. Hangouts: Thanks to several programs like this, you are always connected to everyone in the office. This way, you can always spread vicious rumors and always be able to pull someone’s legs when necessary-just like the way, it used to be in office. See, you are not missing on the important fun part!

3. Do you remember the Beer in your fridge?

Oh yeaah. It’s all yours. You deserve this. You have deserve this full can of beer lying in the fridge which is just eagerly waiting to get over. Don’t you just feel good about it? You can be so much effective at work after drinking one can of beer and even more after 2. Why do they ban alcohol in office anyway?

4. Nobody can ever fuck with your chair settings!

Believe me, it’s a real deal. There is always someone who will screw up with your chair settings. But when you have the pleasure of working at home, you don’t need to care about any of these.

5. Lunch break becomes a quick nap break!

What’s better than a cosy comfy bed to sleep on? And especially when you have buttload of work to do. You have already managed your lunch time by drinking three cans of beer and ordering chichen from KFC. Now is the perfect time to get laid. (Yeah, You are an IT engineer. That’s how you get laid).


1. Shitty Wifi: One of the biggest pleausures of working in an IT office is high speed internet of course. With unlimited data plan and the fastest speed you can ever get, office provides you the best platform for watching YouTube vidoes all day long. But while you are at home, you finally know the pain.

2. Your housemaid: So you planned to sleep late today? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone had to wake you up repeatedly? Housemaids are amazing creatures. They are always late when you have to go to office and you finally have to skip your breakfast. But, the day you have “Work from home”, she knows it. She exactly knows how to use her time.

3. Pets: Pets are awesome right? They don’t feel the need to play with you when you are free and would love to do something with them. But the moment, your boss assigned you of an urgent file to submit, your pet will exactly know how to ruin it.

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