Humans are social animals and it’s our intrinsic tendency to do be accepted the society. For some, it’s a piece of cake and for others, it just doesn’t come naturally. However, we all would justify the fact that being good in a social situation handles you more opportunity than ever. And being able to mix up in society helps you in accelerating your career as well. If you feel yourself lacking in this sense, these psychological hacks would help you with your social life:

Get yourself happy/excited before meeting someone!

We all have been there. Many times, We tend to panic before addressing a big crowd or even meeting someone of utmost importance. This creates confusion in our brain and we fail to make a mark or give net percent in the process. The best way to beat these blues is by getting yourself excited and pumped up. The simplest way would be to talk to someone very close to you or listen to a song you can sing along. These tricks often make you happy, getting your serotonin pumped up and you eventually leave a mark on that person or the crowd.

Have a powerful stance! 

If you wish to convince a group of people, you would want to be in a commanding position. If you have a stance similar to the audience, the chances of them buying you would be pretty low. On the other hand, if you have a position of authority and dominance, it’s quite easy to manipulate people and trick them into believing in you. It starts with a simple process. Standing straight, pulling your shoulders up and your heads high. This way, even if you are not very confident, your brain would release enough endorphins to match your body position.

If someone gets angry at you, stay calm!

This is something which can be used almost daily because people get upset too often. The best way to deal with it is to stay calm. By not seeming bothered, we are signaling that the situation isn’t upsetting us—and we are better able to control their emotions. This makes them even more mad about themselves and later, when everything settles down, embarrassed as well.

If you need to get some work done, start with, “I need your help”!

No matter how independent and informative we are, there comes a time in our life when we have to approach people for their help. If you wish to do so, without sounding very arrogant and making them feel good about it, start your sentence with,” Hey, I would be really glad if you could help me”. In situations like these, you are putting them in the commanding position and in authority over you. This is turn creates a sense of easiness and comfort for them.

Maintain eye contact!

In order to make them believe in whatever you say and leaving an impactful impression, you must learn the importance of maintaining eye contact. This helps you to convey your thoughts better, be confident about what you are saying and sounding truthful.

People always remember the first and last thing you do!

Be it a meeting or a large crowd you have to address, always focus on the first few and the last few lines. These will always create an impact on the audience’s mind because the rest part of it would be wiped away from their memories. What stays with them is how you start and end the conversation.

Always create a story!

In order to make your talk influential, come up with a story, be it yours, your friend’s or any experience you want to share. People often tend to relate themselves to a story or an emotion better. If you wish to make yourself remembered, convey your story to them as if it’s happening to them. If they can attach themselves to the story, they are set to remember you for a long time.

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