Narendra Modi had the audience cheering for him leaving the opposition puzzled after he announced a package of Rs 1.25 lakh crore for development that would ‘change the face of the state’. He got the much needed hype and support from Bihari citizens which might turn around the face of politics in Bihar. But you are not convinced yet. Are you?

You are in a fix. You can’t overshadow the fact that Nitish kumar had already done some good work for Bihar in his first term. You were certain to vote for him but now that he has collaborated with Lalu Prasad Yadav, you are in a fix. You cannot decide whom to vote for. After Modi’s tall claims, the game has shifted in his favour. We can help you make the better decision. Lets look at Modi’s previous attempts and promises.

Does Modi deliver his promises?

It’s not the first time that Narendra Modi has made tall claims. It was also before the Lok Sabha elections when he promised large number of goodies for Varanasi. These included:

  • Metro, monorail, six-lane highways, flyovers, ring roads, satellite towns
  • Round-the-clock water, electricity and broadband, solid waste management systems
  • A Bhojpuri film city, an international spiritualism-cum-philosophy centre, battery operated cars, a global e-commerce-driven mart for handloom and handicraft
  • Solar lighting in public places and, of course, luxury cruises on a clean and rejuvenated Ganges.

This was a list of his promises. Let’s find out the actual work he has done:

  • Cleanliness drive in two of city’s 84 ghats
  • Introduction of funeral vehicles
  • Some improvement in power supply
  • Opened a Trade Facilitation Centre for weavers.
  • Pushed for construction of Ring road

This was the basic highlight of what Modi has done so far. You might have got a fair share of idea of what to expect from him. Now let’s talk about the promises he has done to the people of Bihar.


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Now while the number is grand, as P Vaidyanathan Iyer pointed out in the Indian Express, a lot of the funds that will go for various projects were headed to the state anyway. So it would not come as a surprise even if he is able to deliver most of these. Does that mean you can vote for him?

While Modi has surely established his grounds in Bihar, opposition is now working hard to revert the image of BJP Modi has inscribed in its citizens.

Modi has done some work after he was sworn in as the Prime Minsiter of India but it surely cannot match the amount of promises he made. Similar thing can be expected for Bihar as well, the only downfall here is that BJP doesn’t have any prominent Chief-Ministerial figure while Nitish Kumar obviously has a big repute and following.

Haven’t you got enough to decide who you will vote for?

Tell us too! We are still in a fix.



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