We all know how it works. Articles like these make a lot of sense and it always looks so perfect on paper, but when it comes to applying these hacks in real life, we often feel confused about where to start because changing any part of your lifestyle can never an easy task.

The problem like these originates when our dream is bigger than our thought process. And you are not alone in this. We all tend to have big ambitions which eventually succumbs due to lack of motivation or energy. The best way to deal with these is to focus your energy on small yet effective life hacks to make you feel great.

1. Meditate:

You might have heard about it from a lot of people around and you might have disregarded it as many times. But wait, don’t just assume meditation to be an act of sitting under an old Banyan tree naked. Meditation is much more than that. It’s about being able to focus your mind on one thing at a time, be it listening to a song on your headphones, or just being lost in your thoughts on a journey. However simple it may sound, meditation actually has some amazing benefits. Among many other things, regular meditators experience less stress and anxiety, better sleep, sharper mental focus, and deeper relationships.

2. Keep a tab on your goals: 

When I was about to leave my office, I felt an amazing surge of motivation floating in my head. I wanted to do a lot of pending tasks and I was just waiting to come back home.

But the moment I arrived, it was nowhere to be found. All my motivation and energy had vanished into thin air.

Has the same ever happened to you? No matter how trivial this condition was, it actually holds true for any big dream of ours too. We often fail to convert our dreams into reality because we don’t push ourselves too hard.

The best way to fulfill your expectation is by reinforcing your thoughts with your self-induced motivation. Remind yourself daily of what needs to be done. Make a note, set an alarm, do anything that might work for you. Yes, you would ignore the note for some more days, but when it keeps appearing in front of you daily, you would have no other choice left than to work for it.

3. Use the 2-minute rule: This is another effective way to achieve your short term/long term goals. If something takes less than 2 minutes, make a habit of doing it on an urgency basis.

4. When you feel exhausted, stand up: 

There is nothing new in this, though. Your mom has reminded you of this for ages. When you feel exhausted by working too much, stand up, walk around, spread your body like a butterfly. Body postures often help us in pumping a new set of energy.

5. Start imagining yourself as the “charismatic” guy:

Who wouldn’t love to be called the coolest guy of the office/college? If you want to be that person, all you need to do is think you are one. “Fake it till you make it“. You have the potential and capability of being the person which you adore and the first step always starts with you acting like it.

6. Don’t focus too much on being interesting, be interested instead!

Do you know what makes a person desirable? His ability to speak about any topic at any instant of time. It might feel like he is the most educated person on the planet, but the truth is that he keeps himself interested in everything that comes across him. Don’t close your mind towards anything that’s happening around you. Every detail needs your attention.

7. See the beauty in every small thing!

Do you feel your life is dull and has hardly anything worth celebrating? This is what most of us perceive our life. The other way to look at life is much merrier. Learn to embrace every small happening in your life. Develop the habit of seeing beauty in every small bit. If you come across a beautiful night sky, a bird singing beautifully, or someone doing an act of kindness, let it touch you. Take a minute, or a couple of seconds if that’s all you have, to experience the moment fully before getting on with your day.




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