Till a few years back, I was the kind of person who would wait for good things to happen. I constantly thought as if everything was written in our destiny and things will take its own course. I was just a mere witness of things happening to me.This was also the time when I used to be quite skeptical about how things were turning out for me. I was predominantly settling for mediocre things in life. And then a random thought struck me.

I was not able to achieve big things in life because I never was going behind them. I was just waiting for things to happen at their own pace without me putting in any extra effort. And this was the biggest problem. I wasn’t working to achieve anything in life. I was stagnant. I was not growing. I was like that flower on a river bed that was lying there helpless waiting for the flow to bring along some minerals to help it grow.

In short, I was never picking myself up. I was dependent on other situations to happen in favor of me. This could work for sure, but the probability of something good happening with you would be pretty less. Think about it this way. When you are working to achieve big things in life, you are paving your own path for success and when you are dependent on others, they are paving your path which could either be a success or a failure.

Seth Godin explains it better:

“What pick yourself means is that it’s never been easier to decide to be responsible for your own work, for your own agenda, for the change you make in the world. To have a chance to matter. Not to be finished right now, but starting now. Pick yourself means we should stop waiting and whining and stalling. The outcome is still in doubt, but it’s clear that waiting just doesn’t pay.”

You are much more than what you think!

The root of almost all the problem is not being confident in ourselves. We generally tend to undermine our abilities and that is the prime reason we never become quite successful in life. When we are not confident in ourselves, we tend to have comparatively smaller goals and gain very less out of it. Don’t be that. There is no difference between you and the millionaire you envy. He just dreams big and you don’t.


Make your own luck!

What is your first instinct when you fail in something? Blaming someone or the environment or literally anything but yourself? We all do it. It’s in our nature to play the blame game and the most convenient way is to put the blame on our luck.


Well, He is just born lucky. If I was half as lucky as him, I would be a billionaire.

We all have said this at some point in our lives but deep inside we know, there is nothing like that. It’s just a way to make ourselves better and does that help? For a short term, yes but for the long term, you would have to deal with even bigger problems. Stop blaming your luck for any of your failures. Take the blame on yourself and analyse why you failed rather than escaping it. And if you think, you are born unlucky, maybe you are just doing things wrong. Here are some ways you can improve it.


Don’t stop!

It’s often said that true happiness is found only when you are content with your present state. That’s totally true. What if you want to achieve great things in life while staying happy? Is that possible?

It definitely is. When we talk about growth, we talk about competition and there lies our biggest problem. You don’t need to compete in order to grow. In fact, being content with yourself at the present while walking dominantly towards your goal can make you even happier. Don’t freak out when someone else achieves their target, be happy for them.Their success is by no chance stopping you from achieving yours. Keep walking towards your goal while spreading kindness all around. This is the key to happiness and this is what you need.


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